Checklist: Menispermaceae



This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are either purely cultivated or which are wild species which do not occur in Mozambique have been excluded.

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Cocculus hirsutus
Troupin, G. (1960) Menispermaceae Flora Zambesiaca 1(1)   
NamesFZ Divisions
Triclisia sacleuxii (Pierre) Diels
var. ovalifolia Troupin MS
2570.000 COCCULUS DC.  
Cocculus hirsutus (L.) Diels N,T,MS,GI,M
Cocculus villosus DC.
Menispermum hirsutum L.
Menispermum villosum Lam.
2572.000 STEPHANIA Lour.  
Stephania abyssinica (Quart.-Dill. & A. Rich.) Walp.
var. abyssinica N,Z,MS
Clypea abyssinica Dill. & Rich.
Stephania abyssinica (Quart.-Dill. & A. Rich.) Walp.
var. tomentella (Oliv.) Diels Z
2574.000 CISSAMPELOS L.  
Cissampelos hirta Klotzsch [NrEnd] MS,GI,M
Cissampelos mucronata A. Rich. N,Z,T,MS,M
Cissampelos macrostachya Klotzsch
Cissampelos pareira L. var. mucronata (A. Rich.) Engl.
Cissampelos senensis Klotzsch
Cissampelos pareira L.
var. hirsuta (Burch. ex DC.) Forman MS,GI
Cissampelos pareira L. var. orbiculata (DC.) Miq.
Cissampelos torulosa E. Mey. ex Harv. Z,MS,GI,M
Cissampelos wildemaniana Van de Bossche ex De Wild.
Menispermum capense Thunb.
2577.000 TILIACORA Colebr.  
Tiliacora funifera (Miers) Oliv. N,Z,MS,GI
Hypserpa funifera Miers
2582.000 JATEORHIZA Miers  
Jateorhiza palmata (Lam.) Miers MS
Jateorhiza columba (Roxb.) Oliv.
Menispermum palmatum Lam.
2583.000 TINOSPORA Miers  
Tinospora caffra (Miers) Troupin Z,MS,GI
Desmonema caffrum Miers
Hyalosepalum caffrum (Miers) Troupin
Tinospora fragosa (I. Verd.) I. Verd. & Troupin
Tinospora mossambicensis Engl. [NrEnd] ?
Tinospora tenera Miers Z,T,MS,M
Dioscoreophyllum cumminsii (Stapf) Diels
var. leptotrichos Troupin N,Z,MS
Dioscoreophyllum chirindense Swynn.
Dioscoreophyllum volkensii sensu Diels p.p.
Rhopalandria cumminsii Stapf
2619.000 ALBERTISIA Becc.  
Albertisia delagoensis (N.E. Br.) Forman [NrEnd] MS,GI,M
Anisocycla triplinervia (Pax) Diels
Epinetrum delagoense (N.E. Br.) Diels
Junodia triplinervia Pax
Synclisia delagoensis N.E. Br.
2635.000 ANISOCYCLA Baill.  
Anisocycla blepharosepala Diels
subsp. blepharosepala MS

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave 2007-23

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2023). Flora of Mozambique: Checklist: Menispermaceae., retrieved 3 October 2023

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