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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
82020Dorstenia benguellensis25 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2146 C Berg On rocks and in surrounding miombo woodland; rocky soils, Uapaca woodland.Chinsali District; Shiwa Ng'andu, Mansha River. Collections at Chusa Falls. 1170Zambia1131B1N1470

Locally abundant herb from fleshy corm; stems purple; processes and back of inflorescence green; reproductive syngonium purple.

82021Dorstenia benguellensis09 Dec 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2223 C Berg At bridge over Nchelenje River. Collections in dambo on E side of river. Mporokoso District; along Mporokoso-Kasama Road, 95 km ESE of intersection of Mporokoso-Nsama-Kasama Roads N of Mporokoso. 0Zambia0930A4N1590

Occasional herb from yellow corm, flesh white; latex white from corm; stems spotted and streaked light purple; appendages around flower "head" light green; inflorescence yellow-green.

82023Dorstenia benguellensis01 Dec 1993CN Nkhoma
CN Nkhoma 113 C Berg Open woodlandMbala District; 24 km west of Mbala along Mbala-Mpulungu Road to Power Station Road (D549). Open woodlands between 22.6-25.6 km along D549 becoming road RD2. 0Zambia0831C3N1740

Purple stem. Inflorescence green with purple.

82024Dorstenia cuspidata var. cuspidata05 Feb 1995DK Harder
DK Harder 2573 C Berg WAG
Collections in woodland and grassland around mouth of cave and on adjacent rocky hillside. Lusaka District; Shimabala Cave, National Heritage Site; ca. 1 km N of Kafue Road near Chilanga Cement housing; ca. 10 km S of Chilanga and 23 km S of Lusaka. 1430Zambia1528C1C1200

Occasional; perennial; herb; in cracks between rocks; stems reddish-brown; latex of petiole and corm white; immature fruits tan; processes light green; upper leaf surfaces deep green and shiny; lower, duller, lighter.

82025Dorstenia psilurus var. psilurus29 Jan 1981MG Bingham
MG Bingham 3686 C Berg Woodland Burning Plots, miombo woodland. Ndola, 0ZambiaW0

120394Ficus fischeri Dec 1972HH Burrows
HH Burrows 551 C Berg SRGH
15-20 miles south of Mt. Selinda.0ZimbabweE0

Tree to strangler to 13 m high. Fruit green, scattered along shrubby branchlets.

82296Ficus glumosa07 Mar 1995B Luwiika
B Luwiika 145 C Berg B Luwiika WAG
Kasempa District; Kasempa; Kamusongwe Hill directly adjacent to Kamusongwe Prison; ca. 2 km from city center. 0Zambia1325B4W1470

Tree; ca. 6 m tall; bark and stems greyish-brown; leaves dark green and smooth adaxially, light green, hairy abaxially; fruits round, light green with white hairs, abundant white seeds inside; latex white.

82300Ficus natalensis subsp. natalensis27 Nov 1993CN Nkhoma
CN Nkhoma 6 C Berg Chishimba Falls picnic and camping areaChishimba Falls. Ca 32 km northwest of Kasama at Chishimba Falls picnic and camping area. 13 km from intersection of roads M3 and D20 on road D20 and 2 km south/southwest on access road to power station. 2010Zambia1030B2N1380

Shrub ca. 4 m tall. Sticky latex from stem and fruit. Underleaf light green with prominent dark green veins.

82304Ficus ovata29 May 1994DK Harder
DK Harder 3251 C Berg In seasonal marsh/grassland with drier raised areas with miombo woodlands. Used for dry season pasture. Chinsali District; 25 km E-NE of (D18) Mubanga-Kasama Road and road (RD66) between pumping station at Misale and Chunga villages, nr. Ikola hills. 0Zambia0932D3N1200

Rare, weak-wooded tree on termite mound; bark brown-black, flaky; latex copious and white; leaves deep green above; veins and midrib yellow; synconia light green with lighter green spots.

82311Ficus sur23 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2102 C Berg Collections around Kundalila Falls; below falls, in rocky soils and quartz sand, basalt outcrops. Kanona District; Kundalila Falls Picnic Area, 13 km S of Serenje-Mpika Hwy. at Kanona. 1210Zambia1330B1C1590

Dwarf, stunted tree in stream bed on rock; petioles yellow; latex white when cut; infructescences from base of plant; fruits green with irregular lighter spots.

82312Ficus sur10 May 1994DK Harder
DK Harder 3079 C Berg In primary degraded Brachystegia, Protea, Uapaca woodlands along streamMpika District; ca. 11.8 km NE of Umpamadzi school and village on road built by geologist Phillips. 0Zambia1231C3N1410

Occasional, tree to 2 m, 5 cm dbh, in rock crevice; bark grey-brown; smooth; cortical and phloem latex white; fruit green with lighter, irregular spots. Young leaves rusty-red brown.

82319Ficus trichopoda19 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 1957 C Berg Collections in mixed Syzygium and Ficus forest. Kasanka National Park; near Fibwe Hide; in mushitu (swamp forest) ca. 0.5 km N of car park at Hide. 990Zambia1230C2C1170

Frequent tree to 16 m; co-dominant with Syzigum in ths mushitu, latex white, syconium green becoming orange with maturity. N.V. "umutombolio"

82320Ficus trichopoda05 Dec 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2207 C Berg In small patch of thick forest on north side of falls and up slope towards Nsamba Lodge. Kaputa District; Nsumbu National Park, along Lufubu River at Mwepwe Falls (Kafuna Falls).1080Zambia0830D1N900

Tree to 12 m; leaves glossy above, duller, lighter below; syconium green turning yellow when mature.

51966Ficus usambarensis22 Nov 1992MG Bingham
FJ Breteler
MG Bingham FJ Breteler 8676 C Berg MO
Northern Province, Kaputa District, Nsama to Kaputa 24km, Kafwanka.0Zambia0829D2 N1000

Duplicate of Breteler 11963 Wageningen

82321Ficus usambarensis23 Nov 1992MG Bingham
MG Bingham 8676 C Berg MO
Mopane woodlandMporokoso District; Luangwa.0Zambia0930D1 N1550

82322Ficus vallis-choudae01 May 1994DK Harder
DK Harder 3022 C Berg Collections from along W edge of mushitu. Ndola Rural District; 4.6 km W of Lukoshi at intersection of roads to St. Anthony's Mission and Mukumpu School, Kabunda village, Manda mushitu. 0Zambia1327B4W1230

Occasional tree to 12 m; flexible branches; young syconia light green, covered with white, stiff hairs; phloem and cortical latex white, viscous; fruit flesh white.

82323Ficus verruculosa22 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2076 C Berg Collections around Kundalila Falls. Rocky soils, quartz sand and basalt outcrops. Kanona District; Kundalila Falls Picnic Area, 13 km S of Serenje-Mpika Hwy.1210Zambia1330B1C1590

Small tree along stream; stems grey; young fruits light green, flushed red to deep red when mature.

82324Ficus verruculosa17 May 1994DK Harder
DK Harder 3161 C Berg Collection along river, among rocks, in mushitu and in miombo woodland. Chinsali District; Chipomo Falls National Monument, along Chimanabuwi River. 0Zambia1132C2N1310

Rare; among rocks in stream; synconia light green tinged with red with lighter spots.


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