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The following are the 25 most recent species added, amended or updated. Click on the species name to go to the species page or click on a thumbnail to see the full image.

Date updatedSpecies nameImage
26 May 2018 Euphorbia tirucalli Euphorbia tirucalli
26 May 2018 Vernonia petersii Vernonia petersii
25 May 2018 Sebaea grandis Sebaea grandis
25 May 2018 Empogona kirkii subsp. kirkii Empogona kirkii subsp. kirkii
25 May 2018 Sansevieria concinna Sansevieria concinna
25 May 2018 Ampelopteris prolifera Ampelopteris prolifera
25 May 2018 Ruspolia seticalyx Ruspolia seticalyx
24 May 2018 Chlorophytum brachystachyum Chlorophytum brachystachyum
24 May 2018 Afrocanthium racemulosum var. racemulosum Afrocanthium racemulosum var. racemulosum
24 May 2018 Sterculia appendiculata Sterculia appendiculata
24 May 2018 Clerodendrum pleiosciadium Clerodendrum pleiosciadium
24 May 2018 Ziziphus pubescens subsp. pubescens Ziziphus pubescens subsp. pubescens
24 May 2018 Balanites maughamii Balanites maughamii
24 May 2018 Laportea aestuans Laportea aestuans
23 May 2018 Inhambanella henriquesii Inhambanella henriquesii
22 May 2018 Tarenna longipedicellata Tarenna longipedicellata
22 May 2018 Megastachya mucronata Megastachya mucronata
21 May 2018 Thunbergia petersiana Thunbergia petersiana
21 May 2018 Psychotria capensis subsp. capensis var. capensis Psychotria capensis subsp. capensis var. capensis
21 May 2018 Brackenridgea zanguebarica Brackenridgea zanguebarica
21 May 2018 Grewia forbesii Grewia forbesii
20 May 2018 Vigna unguiculata Vigna unguiculata
20 May 2018 Cissampelos pareira var. hirsuta Cissampelos pareira var. hirsuta
20 May 2018 Achyranthes aspera var. pubescens Achyranthes aspera var. pubescens
19 May 2018 Crossandra puberula Crossandra puberula

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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2018). Flora of Mozambique: Recently updated species., retrieved 27 May 2018

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