Checklist: Araceae



This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are either purely cultivated or which are wild species which do not occur in Mozambique have been excluded.

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Culcasia falcifolia
Dyer, R.A. (1976) The Genera of southern African flowering plants. Vol. 2 (Monocotyledons). Department of Agricultural Technical Services, Pre  
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NamesFZ Divisions
Sauromatum venosum (Aiton) Kunth Z
Arum venosum Aiton
Typhonium venosum (Aiton) Hett. & P.C.Boyce
Anchomanes abbreviatus Engl. N
690.000 CULCASIA P. Beauv.  
Culcasia falcifolia Engl. Z,MS
Culcasia scandens sensu Engl.
Culcasia orientalis Mayo N
692.000 ZAMIOCULCAS Schott  
Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Lodd.) Engl. MS,GI,M
Caladium zamiifolium Lodd.
Zamioculcas lanceolata Peter
Zamioculcas loddigesii Schott
693.000 GONATOPUS Engl.  
Gonatopus angustus N.E. Br. Z,T,M
Gonatopus rhizomatosus Bogner & Oberm.
Gonatopus boivinii (Decne.) Engl. N,Z,T,MS,M
Zamioculcas boivinii Decne.
Gonatopus clavatus Mayo N,Z
Gonatopus petiolulatus (Peter) Bogner N,Z
Gonatopus latilobus K. Krause
Heterolobium dilaceratum Peter
Heterolobium petiolulatum Peter
723.000 AMORPHOPHALLUS Blume ex Decne.  
Amorphophallus abyssinicus (A. Rich.) N.E. Br.
subsp. unyikae (Engl. & Gehrm.) Ittenb.
Amorphophallus unyikae Engl. & Gehrm.
Amorphophallus goetzei (Engl.) N.E. Br. Z
Amorphophallus maximus (Engl.) N.E. Br.
subsp. fischeri (Engl.) Ittenb. ex Govaerts & Frodin N,T,MS
Amorphophallus fischeri (Engl.) N.E. Br.
Amorphophallus schliebenii Mildbr.
Hydrosme fischeri Engl.
Amorphophallus mossambicensis (Schott) N.E. Br. MS
Amorphophallus swynnertonii Rendle
Corynophallus mossambicensis
Hydrosome mossambicensis
748.000 ZANTEDESCHIA Spreng.  
Zantedeschia albomaculata (Hook.) Baill.
subsp. albomaculata MS?
Richardia albomaculata Hook.
Zantedeschia melanoleuca (Hook. f.) Engl.
Zantedeschia tropicalis (N.E. Br.) Letty var. tropicalis
Zantedeschia rehmannii Engl. ?
755.000 COLOCASIA Schott  
*Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott MS (other?)
Colocasia antiquorum Schott
764.000 STYLOCHAETON Lepr.  
Stylochaeton borumensis N.E. Br. N,Z,T,MS
Stylochaeton rogersii N.E. Br.
Stylochaeton euryphyllus Mildbr. [NrEnd] [LR-nt]N
Stylochaeton natalensis Schott
subsp. natalensis N,Z,MS,GI,M
Stylochaeton gazensis Rendle
Stylochiton hennigii Engl.
Stylochaeton natalensis Schott
subsp. obliquinervis (Peter) Bogner & Haigh N
Stylochaeton obliquinervis Peter
Stylochaeton natalensis Schott
subsp. maximus (Engl.) Bogner & Haigh [NrEnd] [DD]M
Stylochaeton maximus Engl.
Stylochaeton puberulus N.E. Br. N,Z,MS
Stylochaeton tortispathus Bogner & Haigh [End] [VU]N
791.000 PISTIA L.  
Pistia stratiotes L. N,Z,T,MS,GI
794.000 SPIRODELA Schleid.  
Spirodela polyrrhiza (L.) Schleid. Z,MS
Lemna polyrrhiza L.
795.000 LEMNA L.  
Lemna aequinoctialis Welw. T,MS
Lemna angolensis Hegelm.
Lemna paucicostata Engelm.
Lemna perpusilla Torr.
Lemna minor L. GI
796.000 WOLFFIA Horkel ex Schleid.  
Wolffia arrhiza (L.) Wimm. GI
Lemna arrhiza L.
Wolffia michelii Schleid.
796.010 WOLFFIELLA (Hegelm.) Hegelm.  
WOLFFIOPSIS Hartog & Plas  
Wolffiella denticulata (Hegelm.) Hegelm. [LR-nt]GI
Wolfia denticulata Hegelm.
Wolffiella welwitschii (Hegelm.) C. Monod M
Wolffiopsis welwitschii (Hegelm.) Hartog & Plas

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave 2007-23

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2023). Flora of Mozambique: Checklist: Araceae., retrieved 8 December 2023

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