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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
81519Coptosperma neurophyllum26 Feb 1997B Luwiika
B Luwiika 503 CM Taylor B Luwiika MO
Sinazongwe District; Collecting near Siazwela village, Chief Sinazongwe, 4.1 km from Maamba/Sinazongwe Road turning East at the Sinazeze Shopping Center. 0Zambia1727A2S640

Small tree, 3 m in shade. Bark greyish-brown; leaves shiny, dark green above, light underneath; fruits dark green.

81523Coptosperma neurophyllum18 Mar 1997HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 2521 CM Taylor MO
In miombo woodland with Lithosol-Cambisol soils. On steep slopes, flat open areas, and roadsides. Gwembe District; Travelling northwest on the Gwembe/Munyumbwe Road. Ca. 16 km from Munyumbwe. 0Zambia1627D1S1000

Tree; 5 m x 10 cm DBH. Stems grey, smooth. Leaves dark green, glossy above; duller below; with prominent midvein. Young fruits yellowish-green with pale spots.

83099Otomeria elatior22 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2069 CM Taylor MO
Collections around Kundalila Falls. Rocky soils, quartz sand and basalt outcrops. Kanona District; Kundalila Falls Picnic Area, 13 km S of Serenje-Mpika Hwy.1210Zambia1330B1C1590

Herb in wet area; stems red-purple; calyx green; corolla tube deep red; lobes red, lighter beneath; dot at throat deep red; stigma white.

83223Pentas angustifolia02 Mar 1997DK Harder
DK Harder 3928 CM Taylor MO
Slightly disturbed woodland near recent village. Soil rocky quartz with steep ravine. Gwembe District; ca. 9.1 km NW of Sinazeze and Choma-Maamba intersection on road to Choma, collections from hill miombo vegetation type along deviation in road. 0Zambia1727C4S780

Occasional; to 1.25 m; leaves dark green above and shiny; duller, lighter below; corolla tube light green outside, bright white on lobes; style white; stigma blue-black.

83224Pentas angustifolia01 Mar 1997B Luwiika
B Luwiika 626 CM Taylor B Luwiika MO
Uapaca woodlandChoma District; Collecting in Simwamimuzuma National Forest No. 180 on the Mabwingombe Hills in Uapaca woodland. 0Zambia1627C4S1200

Erect to 1 m in the shade. Stems light green with soft, white hairs; leaves dark green above, light underneath; flowers white.

83225Pentas angustifolia18 Mar 1997HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 2550 CM Taylor MO
In miombo woodland, open meadow areas and streamside communities. Loose, well-drained substrate, lithosol-cambisol soils. Gwembe District; Travelling northwest on Gwembe/Munyumbwe Road. Ca. 24.2 km from Munyumbwe. 0Zambia1627D1S1150

Herb; 1.5 m, erect. Leaves with prominent white midvein below, pubescent. Calyx white to green, corolla white, stigma pale purple. Common in grassy slopes.

83359Psychotria kirkii07 May 1994DK Harder
DK Harder 3047 CM Taylor MO
Brachystegia miombo on broken quartz soil. Serenje District; 16 km N of Chisomo Village on Chisomo-Serenje Road. 0Zambia1330D1C960

Occasional and widespread; weak-wooded shrub to 15 cm, fruit bright red.

83360Psychotria kirkii13 May 1994DK Harder
DK Harder 3092 CM Taylor MO
Collections in riverine miombo forest and in surrounding miombo woodlands on sandy soils on Mwaleshi River.Mpika District; Mano Camp just outside and N of North Luangwa N.P. 910Zambia1132C1N1110

Occasional yet rarely flowering to 0.33 m; calyx green; petals and other flower parts light green.

83362Psychotria kirkii30 Nov 1993CN Nkhoma
CN Nkhoma 49 CM Taylor MO
Mopane woodlandMbala District; Mpulungu Protected Forest Area. 17.3 km northwest of Mbala-Tanzania road intersection with road to Kalambo Falls. 27 km from intersection at Sunga village. 1250Zambia0831C1N1250

Small shrub ca. half meter with white yellow inflorescence.

83363Psychotria kirkii30 Nov 1993CN Nkhoma
CN Nkhoma 52 CM Taylor MO
Mopane woodlandMbala District; Mpulungu Protected Forest Area. 17.3 km northwest of Mbala-Tanzania road intersection with road to Kalambo Falls. 27 km from intersection at Sunga village. 1250Zambia0831C1N1250

1 m tall annual with sweet-scented inflorescence. Occasional plant with white to light green petals.

83364Psychotria kirkii01 Mar 1996NB Zimba
NB Zimba 747 CM Taylor MO
Kaoma District; 51.3 km NW along Kaoma-Lukulu Road, from junction of Kaoma-Mongu Road. 0Zambia1424C2B1080

Shrub; growing in colonies; stem appearing grey-brown; leaves green and smooth; fruits light green with cream streaks.

83365Psychotria kirkii21 Mar 1996NB Zimba
NB Zimba 811 CM Taylor MO
Soil: Kalahari sands.Kalabo District; 0.4 km west of Kama Rural Health Center, 10.7 km from Lukona Secondary School.0Zambia1522B4B930

Shrub; to 0.2 m; rare; in Kalahari woodland; stem grey-brown; leaves light green, rough; fruits yellow-green.

83369Psychotria spithamea04 Feb 1995DK Harder
DK Harder 2557 CM Taylor MO
Collections in bird sanctuary near dam and sink hole; in degraded but now recovering woodland, on quartz and mica soils. Lusaka District; Jellis Farm ca. 15 km W of Lusaka off Leopard's Hill Rd.1450Zambia1528A4C1230

Occasional; suffretex; in woodland; stipules brown; immature fruits green; dark green spots on upper leaves.

83371Psychotria spithamea22 May 1994HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 1400 CM Taylor MO
Along secondary road to radio transmitting tower. In rocky woodlands, with large boulders, slopes, and open areas. Predominantly granite, well eroded. Chinsali District; 24.5 km NW of junction with Isoka-Mpika road (T2); on the road to Mbesuma Ranch.0Zambia1032C4N1550

Herb; 30 cm, erect from woody stem. Stem pale grey, leaves whitish below, thick, with dark purple spots. Calyx greenish-white, waxy; flowers white, waxy. Uncommon in flower.

83375Psychotria zombamontana03 Jun 1978 E Phillips 3398 CM Taylor MO
Nyika Plateau. Chowo forest, 11 m West of Chilinda. Deep rainforest.1010Zambia1828

5-7 ft., flower white.

83482Rothmannia engleriana26 Feb 1995DK Harder
DK Harder 2814 CM Taylor MO
Collections in riverine forest above source and in surrounding woodland of Uapaca, Aframomum; Pteridium. Ikelenge District; Zambezi Source National Heritage Site; 18.0 km S of Ikelenge then 4.8 km E on access road from Ikelenge-Mwinilunga Rd. 1140Zambia1124A4W1500

Shrub to small tree; in woodland; upper stems, pedicels and fruit with red-brown hairs.

83487Rothmannia engleriana14 Feb 1995MM Nawa
MM Nawa 1 CM Taylor MO
Near an old camp site. Solwezi District; 78 km west of Solwezi along Solwezi-Mwinilunga Road. Ca. 5.5 km from main road going northwest along the Lumwana east river. 0Zambia1225B2W1410

Occasional; tree; ca. 4 m tall; upper surface of leaves glossy; fruits with brown hair.

83490Rothmannia engleriana16 Feb 1995NB Zimba
NB Zimba 549 CM Taylor MO
In miombo woodlandSolwezi District; Jiwundu Resettlement Area; near Jiwundu River. 0Zambia1225B1W1174

Frequent shrub; to 3 m; dark brown bark; leaves green, smooth adaxially, hairy abaxially; fruits brown.

83691Spermacoce arvensis12 Mar 1996DK Harder
DK Harder 3684 CM Taylor MO
In degraded miombo woodland along drivewayLusaka District; Lusaka East; Jellis Farm ca. 0.5 km from front gate. 1450Zambia1528A4C1320

Occasional; among grasses, stems and tips of stipules red; corolla very light purple.

83693Spermacoce chaetocephala23 Feb 1997NB Zimba
NB Zimba 947 CM Taylor MO
Livingstone District; along Livingstone-Lusaka Road, 18.9 km from the main water tank in Livingstone-Boma along Livingstone-Lusaka Road. 0Zambia1723C1S1020

Herb to 0.5 m, common in woodland growing amongst grasses. Stems green with red tints. Leaves green, shiny with white hairs. Flowers white.

83703Spermacoce dibrachiata18 Feb 1995MM Nawa
MM Nawa 64 CM Taylor MO
Collections from rocky outcrops, Jirundu swamp, and Chana (plain)Solwezi District; Jirundu Botanical Reserve; ca. 110 km NW of Solwezi, then ca. 10 km off the Solwezi-Mwinilunga Road at Kambezi Primary School junction. 0Zambia1125D3W1440

Occasional; in the plain; opposite leaves; inflorescence with 2 bracts; flowers purple.

83705Spermacoce pusilla28 Feb 1996DK Harder
DK Harder 3559 CM Taylor MO
Collections in degraded miombo woodland on Kalahari sand. Kaoma District; ca. 6.4 km NE of Kaoma on Kaoma-Kasempa Road 2 km S of Kalamba village.0Zambia1424D2B1200

Occasional; annual; lower stems red-brown; bracts green; petals white.

83712Spermacoce radiata20 Mar 1996B Luwiika
B Luwiika 350 CM Taylor B Luwiika MO
Kalabo District; In the Lukona local forest; 3.3 km W from Lukona Basic School. 0Zambia1522B4B1140

Herb; approx. 10 cm tall; stems light green with a brown tint; leaves smooth, light green; flower petals white, forming a corolla tube.

83713Spermacoce radiata09 Mar 1995MM Nawa
MM Nawa 183 CM Taylor MO
In degraded woodland on sand, collections along Manyinga River in flooded area. Kabompo District; Kambyenyuna forest along the Kabompo-Mwinilunga Road ca. 11 km from the Loloma Hospital road junction in Manyinga. 0Zambia1324A4B1140

Herb; to 70 cm; in woodland; stem red; flowers blue; stipules red.

83715Spermacoce senensis17 Feb 1995B Luwiika
B Luwiika 67 CM Taylor B Luwiika MO
Collecting from rock outcrop in Jirundu plains/swampSolwezi District; Jirundu National Forestry Reserve (Botanical Reserve). 95 km E of Solwezi/Mwinilunga Road, near the Kambizhi Primary School.0Zambia1125C4W1470

Herbaceous, in flat plains; to 30 cm; stem hard, light green; leaves light green; flowers small, white, anthers light yellow.


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