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Family name Species nameLocationLink to record
HymenophyllaceaeAbrodictyum rigidum Makurupini forest river areaRecord
HymenophyllaceaeAbrodictyum rigidum Haroni-Makurupini forestRecord
HymenophyllaceaeAbrodictyum rigidum Between Haroni and Makurupini riversRecord
HymenophyllaceaeAbrodictyum rigidum Makurupini river 1/2 mile above junction with Haroni riverRecord
EuphorbiaceaeAcalypha ornata Rusitu Forest.Record (with image)
EuphorbiaceaeAcalypha racemosa Rusitu ForestRecord (with image)
AdiantaceaeAdiantum mendoncae W bank Haroni riverRecord
AdiantaceaeAdiantum mendoncae Lusitu River, Lusitu native reserveRecord
AdiantaceaeAdiantum mendoncae E bank Haroni Gorge below Haroni viewRecord
AdiantaceaeAdiantum mendoncae Haroni river, Haroni-RusituRecord (with image)
AdiantaceaeAdiantum mendoncae Near Lusitu/Haroni junctionRecord
AdiantaceaeAdiantum mendoncae E.W. aspect, 1 mile north of Lundi River BridgeRecord
ZingiberaceaeAframomum albiflorum Makurupini forest, ChimanimaniRecord (with image)
ThelypteridaceaeAmauropelta bergiana var. bergiana Haroni river, Haroni-RusituRecord (with image)
AnemiaceaeAnemia simii Haroni N-bank, 1 mile up Tinibivi River, ChimanimaniRecord
AspleniaceaeAsplenium buettneri N. of Lisutu river, ChimanimaniRecord
AspleniaceaeAsplenium buettneri Haroni river, Ngorima communal land, ChimanimaniRecord (with image)
AspleniaceaeAsplenium buettneri Between Haroni and Makurupini River, ChimanimaniRecord
AspleniaceaeAsplenium buettneri Rusitu Forest Reserve, ChimanimaniRecord
AspleniaceaeAsplenium ceii E-bank of Haroni Gorge below Haroni view, Chimanimani MtsRecord
AspleniaceaeAsplenium rutifolium Between Haroni and Makurupini river, ChimanimaniRecord
PassifloraceaeBasananthe triloba Along road to Rusitu ForestRecord (with image)
DennstaedtiaceaeBlotiella natalensis Chimanimani, Haroni Makurupini forestRecord
DennstaedtiaceaeBlotiella natalensis Chimanimani, Haroni Makurupini forestRecord (with image)
LomariopsidaceaeBolbitis gemmifera Haroni river, on banks.Record
LomariopsidaceaeBolbitis gemmifera Haroni-Makuripini forestRecord (with image)
LomariopsidaceaeBolbitis heudelotii River Lusitu near Haroni confluence, ChimanimaniRecord
LomariopsidaceaeBolbitis heudelotii Vimba Tribal Trust Land, Lusitu river down stream from Vimba school, Chimanimani.Record
ArecaceaeBorassus aethiopum Rusitu ValleyRecord (with image)
AcanthaceaeBrillantaisia cicatricosa Rusitu RiverRecord
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaeCarissa bispinosa subsp. zambesiensis Makurupine forest, ChimanimaniRecord (with image)
OrchidaceaeCheirostylis nuda Lusito ForestRecord
ThelypteridaceaeChristella buchananii Near Rusitu River, Chimanimani districtRecord
LamiaceaeClerodendrum incisum By Haroni River at the confluence with the Rusitu.Record
CostaceaeCostus afer Haroni Gorge, ChimanimaniRecord (with image)
CostaceaeCostus afer Rusitu ForestRecord (with image)
RubiaceaeCraterispermum schweinfurthii Haroni-Makurupini forest. Record (with image)
HymenophyllaceaeCrepidomanes melanotrichum Haroni-Makurupine forest, ChimanimaniRecord
DryopteridaceaeCtenitis cirrhosa Haroni-Rusitu, Rusitu river Record (with image)
CyatheaceaeCyathea cf. humilis Haroni-MukurupiniRecord
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaeDictyophleba lucida Haroni/Makurupini ForestRecord
RubiaceaeDiodia sarmentosa Southern end Chimanimani Mts in the Haroni-Makurupini forestRecord
OrchidaceaeEulophia pulchra Haroni-Makurupini ForestRecord (with image)
RubiaceaeGeophila obvallata subsp. ioides Between Haroni and Makurupini RiversRecord
RubiaceaeGeophila repens Between Haroni and Makurupini RiversRecord
RubiaceaeGeophila repens Haroni Gorge, ChimanimaniRecord (with image)
CelastraceaeHippocratea volkensii Near Chisengu River, 2 km west of Chisengu-Haroni junctionRecord (with image)
CelastraceaeHippocratea volkensii ex Haroni Forest Botanical Reserve.Record (with image)
CelastraceaeHippocratea volkensii Between Haroni and Makurupini RiverRecord (with image)
BalsaminaceaeImpatiens wallerana Rusitu ForestRecord (with image)
LindsaeaceaeLindsaea ensifolia Makurupine River, Haroni-Makurupine forest, Zimbabwe-Mozambique borderRecord (with image)
LindsaeaceaeLindsaea odorata Haroni/Makurupini ForestRecord
LindsaeaceaeLindsaea odorata Makurupini, Haroni-Makurupine forestRecord
LindsaeaceaeLindsaea odorata Haroni/Makurupini ForestRecord (with image)
LycopodiaceaeLycopodiella caroliniana Chimanimani, Makurupini river, Makurupini Haroni forestRecord
EuphorbiaceaeMacaranga capensis Rusitu ForestRecord (with image)
AcanthaceaeMellera lobulata Near Lusitu / Haroni junctionRecord
PolypodiaceaeMicrogramma mauritiana Haroni river, Chimanimani district.Record
DennstaedtiaceaeMicrolepia speluncae Chimanimani, Haroni Makurupini riverRecord
DennstaedtiaceaeMicrolepia speluncae Chimanimani, Rusitu Forest Reserve.Record (with image)
DennstaedtiaceaeMicrolepia speluncae Haroni-Rusitu, Rusitu riverRecord (with image)
PolypodiaceaeMicrosorum punctatum Rusitu ForestRecord (with image)
PolypodiaceaeMicrosorum punctatum Rusitu river, Haroni-RusituRecord (with image)
PolypodiaceaeMicrosorum scolopendria Haroni river, Haroni-RusituRecord (with image)
NephrolepidaceaeNephrolepis biserrata Rusitu river, Haroni-RusituRecord (with image)
PoaceaeOlyra latifolia Rusitu ForestRecord (with image)
PsilotaceaePsilotum nudum Haroni River, ChimanimaniRecord
PsilotaceaePsilotum nudum Haroni-Lusitu confluence area, Chimanimani Record
PteridaceaePteris friesii Near Rusitu R., Chimanimani district.Record
IcacinaceaePyrenacantha kirkii Haroni / Makurupini ForestRecord (with image)
ConnaraceaeRourea minor Haroni-Makurupini forest.Record (with image)
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaeSaba comorensis Haroni RiverRecord (with image)
BlechnaceaeStenochlaena tenuifolia Between Haroni and Makurupini R.Record (with image)
SapotaceaeSynsepalum chimanimani Haroni-Makurupini ForestRecord
TectariaceaeTectaria gemmifera Forest on Tinibiri R., 1 mile up from HaroniRecord
Apocynaceae subfamilies Asclepiadoideae and SecamonoideaeTelosma africana Haroni RiverRecord (with image)
Apocynaceae subfamilies Asclepiadoideae and SecamonoideaeTelosma africana Between Haroni and Makurupini RiversRecord
EuphorbiaceaeTragia furialis Rusitu Forest.Record (with image)
CannabaceaeTrema orientale Rusitu Forest.Record (with image)
AnacardiaceaeTrichoscypha ulugurensis subsp. ulugurensis Near Rusitu RiverRecord
AnacardiaceaeTrichoscypha ulugurensis subsp. ulugurensis East of Haroni RiverRecord
AnacardiaceaeTrichoscypha ulugurensis subsp. ulugurensis Hayfield B, near Chisengu RiverRecord
MelastomataceaeTristemma mauritianum var. mauritianum Haroni Gorge, ChimanimaniRecord (with image)
UrticaceaeUrera trinervis Rusitu ForestRecord (with image)
LamiaceaeVitex ferruginea Haroni rd near Vhimba Camp.Record (with image)
AdiantaceaeVittaria elongata Rusitu River Record (with image)
AdiantaceaeVittaria elongata Rusitu river, Haroni-Rusitu.Record (with image)
AdiantaceaeVittaria guineensis var. orientalis West bank of Haroni River, Ngorima communal landsRecord
AraceaeZamioculcas zamiifolia Haroni RiverRecord (with image)

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