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This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are either purely cultivated or which are wild species which do not occur in Mozambique have been excluded.

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Clappertonia ficifolia
Coates Palgrave K. (revised and updated by Meg Coates Palgrave) (2002) Trees of Southern Africa 3rd edition. Struik, South Africa  
Wild, H. (1963) Tiliaceae Flora Zambesiaca 2(1)   
NamesFZ Divisions
Carpodiptera africana Mast. N,GI
GLYPHAEA Hook. f. ex Planch.  
Glyphaea tomentosa Mast. [NrEnd] N,Z,MS
Glyphaea grewioides sensu Baker. f
Oncoba sulcata Sim
Clappertonia ficifolia (Willd.) Decne. MS
Honckenya ficifolia Willd.
4953.000 CORCHORUS L.  
Corchorus aestuans L. N,Z,T,MS
Corchorus acutangulus Lam.
Corchorus asplenifolius Burch. MS
Corchorus mucilagineus Gibbs
Corchorus confusus Wild GI,M
Corchorus fascicularis Lam. MS
Corchorus junodii (Schinz) N.E. Br. MS,GI,M
Triumfetta junodii Schinz
Corchorus kirkii N.E. Br. T
Corchorus hirsutus sensu Mast.
Corchorus pongolensis Burtt Davy & Greenway
Corchorus longipedunculatus Mast. T,M
Corchorus olitorius L. N,Z,T,MS,GI
Corchorus schimperi Cufod.
Corchorus muricatus sensu auct.
Corchorus tridens L. N,T,MS,GI,M
Corchorus trilocularis L. N,Z,T,MS,GI,M
Corchorus velutinus Wild GI
4957.000 SPARRMANNIA L.f.  
Sparrmannia ricinocarpa (Eckl. & Zeyh.) Kuntze N,Z,MS
Sparrmannia abyssinica Hochst. ex A. Rich. var. micrantha Burret
Sparrmannia palmata E. Mey. ex Harv.
Sparrmannia ricinocarpa (Eckl. & Zeyh.) Kuntze subsp. micrantha (Burret) Weim.
Urena ricinocarpa Eckl. & Zeyh.
4966.000 GREWIA L.  
Grewia bicolor Juss. N,T,MS,GI,M
Grewia kwebensis N.E. Br.
Grewia madandensis J.R. Drumm. ex Baker f.
Grewia caffra Meisn. Z,MS,GI,M
Grewia fruticetorum J. Drumm. ex Baker f.
Grewia conocarpa K. Schum. N
Grewia flavescens Juss.
var. flavescens N,Z,T,MS,M
Grewia forbesii Harv. ex Mast. N,MS
Grewia latiunguiculata K. Schum.
Grewia pilosa var. grandifolia Kuntze
Grewia glandulosa Vahl N
Grewia gracillima Wild MS
Grewia herbacea Welw. ex Hiern N
Grewia leucodiscus K. Schum.
Grewia hexamita Burret GI,M
Grewia messinica Burtt Davy & Greenway
Grewia schweickerdtii Burret
Grewia holstii Burret N
Grewia hornbyi Wild GI,M
Grewia inaequilatera Garcke N,Z,T,MS,GI
Grewia lepidopetala Garcke T,MS
Grewia limae Wild [EN]N
Grewia micrantha Bojer N,Z,T,MS,GI,M
Grewia aurantiaca Weim.
Grewia woodiana K. Schum.
Grewia microcarpa K. Schum. N,MS
Grewia swynnertonii J.R. Drumm. ex Baker f.
Grewia utilis Exell
Grewia microthyrsa K. Schum. ex Burret GI,M
Grewia monticola Sond. N,MS,M
Grewia cordata N.E. Br.
Grewia obliqua Weim.
Grewia occidentalis L.
var. occidentalis GI,M
Grewia chirindae Baker f.
Grewia microphylla Weim.
Grewia occidentalis L.
var. litoralis Wild GI,M
Grewia olukondae Schinz T
Grewia flavescens Juss. var. olukondae (Schinz) Wild
Grewia pachycalyx K. Schum. T
Grewia stolzii Ulbr. MS
Grewia hopkinsii Suess.
Grewia sulcata Mast. N,Z,T,MS,GI,M
Grewia obovata K. Schum.
Grewia transzambesica Wild [End] Z,MS
Grewia truncata Mast. T,MS
Grewia villosa Willd. M
4975.000 TRIUMFETTA L.  
Triumfetta amuletum Sprague T
Triumfetta angolensis Sprague & Hutch. MS
Triumfetta sonderi sensu Eyles
Triumfetta annua L. MS,M
Triumfetta dekindtiana Engl. N,Z,T
Triumfetta glechomoides Welw. ex Mast. N
Triumfetta kirkii Mast. N,MS
Triumfetta pentandra A. Rich. N,Z,T,MS,GI,M
Triumfetta trichocarpa sensu Eyles
Triumfetta pilosa Roth
var. effusa (E. Mey. ex Harv.) Wild M
Triumfetta effusa E. Mey. ex Harv.
Triumfetta pilosa Roth
var. glabrescens Sprague & Hutch. Z,T,MS,GI
Triumfetta pilosa Roth
var. pilosa N,T,MS
Triumfetta morrumbalana De Wild.
Triumfetta pilosa Roth var. nyasana Sprague & Hutch.
Triumfetta pilosa Roth
var. tomentosa Szyszyl. ex Sprague & Hutch. Z,MS
Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq. N,Z,T,MS,GI,M
Bartramia indica L.
Triumfetta diversifolia E. Mey.
Triumfetta tomentosa Bojer N,Z,T
Triumfetta trichocarpa Hochst. ex A. Rich. MS
Triumfetta welwitschii Mast. N,Z,T,MS
Triumfetta mastersii Baker f.
Triumfetta welwitschii Mast.
var. descampsii (De Wild. & T. Durand) Brenan N,T
Triumfetta welwitschii Mast.
var. welwitschii N,Z,MS

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave 2007-18

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2018). Flora of Mozambique: Checklist: Tiliaceae., retrieved 21 April 2018

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