Flora of Mozambique: Utilities: List of species vernacular names

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Acorn diospyros (English)
Acorn jackal-berry (English)
Acorn jackal-berry (English)
Adrenaline grass (English)
African allophylus (English)
African almond (English)
African beech (English)
African bittercress (English)
African buttercup (English)
African coca tree (English)
African crocus (English)
African cycas (English)
African Dog-rose (English)
African dogwood (English)
African ebony (English)
African eggplant (English)
African false currant (English)
African flame tree (English)
African foxglove (English)
African foxtail (English)
African heart-vine (English)
African holly (English)
African horned cucumber (English)
African indigo (English)
African mangosteen (English)
African mulberry (English)
African olive (English)
African osage-orange (English)
African paddle-pod (English)
African protea (English)
African purslane (English)
African star-chestnut (English)
African tulip tree (English)
African walnut (English)
African wattle (English)
African white scabious (English)
African-pipe Cassia (English)
Afrormosia (English)
Aidia (English)
Air potato (English)
Air yam (English)
Albino-berry (English)
Aloe coral-tree (English)
Ambatch (English)
American black nightshade (English)
American cudweed (English)
American sicklepod (English)
Ana-tree (English)
Angolan protea (English)
Angolan protea (English)
Angular-stem corkwood (English)
Annatto (English)
Annual brachiaria (English)
Annual dysentery-flower (English)
Annual wild poinsettia (English)
Antelope grass (English)
Anthill saffron (English)
Anthill wild medlar (English)
Apple of Peru (English)
Apple of Sodom (English)
Apple-leaf (English)
Apple-ring acacia (English)
Apricot sourberry (English)
Apricot vine (English)
Arabica coffee (English) (Cultivated species)
Argentine fleabane (English)
Argentine pepperwort (English)
Arnotto (English)
Arrow grass (English)
Arrowhead vine (English) (Cultivated species)
Arrowroot (English)
Asegaai wood (English)
Asparagus fern (English)
Asparagus fern (English)
Assegai tree (English)
Aubergine (English) (Cultivated species)
Australian flame tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Australian lacebark (English) (Cultivated species)
Australian silky oak (English)
Avery fern (English)
Avocado pear (English) (Cultivated species)

Baboons' breakfast (English)
Bachelor's button (English)
Balloon cotton bush (English)
Balloon vine (English)
Balloon vine (English)
Balsawood tree (English)
Banana orchid (English)
Banket mahogany (English)
Bankrupt bush (English)
Baobab (English)
Barbados gooseberry (English)
Barber's tree aloe (English)
Barberton groundsel (English)
Barberton senecio (English)
Bark bush (English)
Basil Christian's aloe (English)
Basket grass (English)
Bastard forest grape (English)
Bastard stinkwood (English)
Batoka plum (English)
Bead-bean (English)
Beak-fruited indigo tree (English)
Bean-tree (English)
Beauty-of-the-night (English)
Bee bush (English)
Bee plant (English)
Bells of St Mary's (English)
Bellyache bush (English)
Bicoloured bushwillow (English)
Big num-num (English)
Big-leaf (English)
Bindura bamboo (English)
Bird cactus (English) (Cultivated species)
Bird's eye (English)
Bird's tongue (English)
Bird-plum (English)
Bitter albizia (English)
Bitter almond (English)
Bitter apple (English)
Bitter grape (English)
Bitter turpentine grass (English)
Bitter yam (English)
Bitter-tea vernonia (English)
Black arum (English)
Black Arum (English)
Black bitterberry (English)
Black forest spike-thorn (English)
Black monkey thorn (English)
Black monkey-orange (English)
Black nightshade (English)
Black plum (English)
Black Sudan grass (English)
Black thorn (English)
Black wattle (English)
Black wild grape (English)
Black-eyed susan (English)
Black-footed grass (English)
Black-jack (English)
Black-seed grass (English)
Blackbird-berry (English)
Blackwood dalbergia (English)
Bladder ketmia (English)
Bladder-nut (English)
Bladderweed (English)
Bleeding-heart vine (English) (Cultivated species)
Blister bush (English)
Blister-leaf (English)
Blood lily (English)
Blood lily (English)
Bloodberry (English)
Bloodflower (English)
Bloodwood (English)
Blue Bells of St Mary's (English)
Blue bitter-berry (English)
Blue buffalo grass (English)
Blue bush (English)
Blue bush (English)
Blue bush-cherry (English)
Blue bushman grass (English)
Blue cat's whiskers (English)
Blue cestrum (English) (Cultivated species)
Blue disa (English)
Blue grama (English)
Blue guarri (English)
Blue Pidgeon-wings (English)
Blue porterweed (English)
Blue potato bush (English) (Cultivated species)
Blue rock fern (English)
Blue solanum shrub (English) (Cultivated species)
Blue sourplum (English)
Blue stars (English)
Blue sweetberry (English)
Blue thorn (English)
Blue wandering-jew (English)
Blue-bark commiphora (English)
Blue-bark corkwood (English)
Blue-leaved euclea (English)
Blue-lips (English)
Blue-seed grass (English)
Bluebells (English)
Blueweed (E) (English)
Blushing daisy (English)
Boat-fruit plane (English)
Boot protectors (English)
Borassus palm (English)
Bottle gourd (English)
Bottle-brush aloe (English)
Bottle-brush grass (English)
Bottlebrush (English)
Bottlebrush grass (English)
Bougainvillea (English) (Cultivated species)
Bow-wood (English)
Bowstring hemp (English)
Bracken (English)
Brackenridgea (English)
Brazilian cherry (English) (Cultivated species)
Brazilian clover (English)
Brazilian fern tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Brazilian nightshade (English)
Brick-red ochna (English)
Bristle-leaved red top (English)
Bristly sourberry (English)
Brittlewood (English)
Broad curly leaf (English)
Broad-leaved beechwood (English)
Broad-leaved bluestem (English)
Broad-leaved bristle-grass (English)
Broad-leaved bulbine (English)
Broad-leaved camphor bush (English)
Broad-leaved coral-tree (English)
Broad-leaved Croton (English)
Broad-leaved love grass (English)
Broad-leaved rattlepod (English)
Broad-leaved shepherds tree (English)
Broad-leaved turpentine grass (English)
Broad-leaved waxberry (English)
Broad-leaved yellow-wood (English)
Broad-pod elephant-root (English)
Broadleaf sorrel (English)
Brookweed (English)
Broom asparagus (English)
Broom love grass (English)
Broom-cluster fig (English)
Brown ivory (English)
Brown mahogany (English)
Brown-berry fluted-milkwood (English)
Brown-ironwood (English)
Bubu fig (English)
Buchanan's dwaba-berry (English)
Buchwa bamboo (English)
Buffalo bean (English)
Buffalo grass (English)
Buffalo grass (English)
Buffalo-thorn (English)
Buffelgrass (English)
Bug catcher (English)
Bug tree (English)
Bugweed (English)
Bulrush (English)
Bulrush millet (English)
Bur bristle grass (English)
Burke's fig (English)
Burkea (English)
Burma teak (English) (Cultivated species)
Burning bush (English)
Burning bush (English)
Burning-bush combretum (English)
Burweed (English)
Burweed (English)
Bush asparagus (English)
Bush guarri (English)
Bush red-milkwood (English)
Bush-cherry (English)
Bush-tick berry (English)
Bushman's grape (English)
Bushman's poison (English)
Bushman's tea (English)
Bushveld bitterwood (English)
Bushveld dropseed (English)
Bushveld grape (English)
Bushveld honeysuckle-tree (English)
Bushveld peacock-berry (English)
Bushveld saffron (English)
Bushveld shepherds tree (English)
Bushveld signal grass (English)
Bushy bulbine (English)
Bushy three-thorn acacia (English)
Busse's fig (English)
Butter lily (English)
Butter-berry (English)
Butterfly lobelia (English)
Butterfly orchid tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Butterfly pea (English)
Butternut pumpkin (English) (Cultivated species)
Butternut squash (English) (Cultivated species)
Button-wood (English)

Cabbage tree (English)
Calabash (English)
Calceolaria cassia (English) (Cultivated species)
Calico flower (English)
Calotrope (English)
Calotrope (English)
Calthrop (English)
Camel thorn (English)
Camel-foot (English)
Cameron's ruwari aloe (English)
Canadian fleabane (English)
Canary creeper (English)
Canary creeper (English)
Canary nettle (English)
Canary pea (English)
Candelabra euphorbia (English)
Candelabra tree (English)
Candle-berry tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Candlenut tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Candlestick cassia (English)
Candy-striped crinum (English)
Cannabis (English)
Cannon ball tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Cape ash (English)
Cape beech (English)
Cape chestnut (English)
Cape fig (English)
Cape gooseberry (English)
Cape holly (English)
Cape honeysuckle (English)
Cape honeysuckle (English)
Cape leadwort (English)
Cape lettuce (English)
Cape myrtle (English)
Cape smilax (English)
Cape spinach (English)
Cape teak (English)
Captain Cook's pine (English) (Cultivated species)
Caramba (English) (Cultivated species)
Carambola (English) (Cultivated species)
Cardinal guard (English) (Cultivated species)
Carob (English) (Cultivated species)
Carpet flower (English)
Carpolobia (English)
Carrion flower (English)
Carrot seed grass (English)
Carrot-tree (English)
Cashew nut (English)
Castor-oil plant (English)
Cat's claw creeper (English)
Cat-thorn (English)
Caterpillar bean (English)
Caterpillar bush (English)
Cats tail grass (English)
Catstail dropseed (English)
Catstail grass (English)
Catstail vlei grass (English)
Caustic vine (English)
CearĂ¡ rubber (English)
Cedrela (English)
Chaff-flower (English)
Chaff-flower (English)
Chalice vine (English) (Cultivated species)
Chandelier plant (English)
Chase's everlasting (English)
Cheeky yam (English)
Cheesewood (English)
Cherry guava (English) (Cultivated species)
Cherry pie (English)
Chickweed (English)
Chikohwa (Manica)
Chimanimani canthium (English)
Chimanimani cycad (English)
Chimanimani miraculous-berry (English)
Chimanimani pincushion (English)
Chimanimani spur flower (English)
Chimanimani tree hibiscus (English)
China wood-oil-tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Chinese lantern (English)
Chinese mustard (English)
Chinese violet (English)
Chinese wood-oil tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Chinese-hat plant (English) (Cultivated species)
Chinungu (Sena)
Chinyamura (Manica)
Chipinge streptocarpus (English)
Chirinda fig (English)
Chirinda wild medlar (English)
Chishambo (English)
Chitsuru (Manica)
Chocolate berry (English)
Christ thorn (English)
Christmas berry (English)
Ciboma (Sena)
Citronella spur-flower (English)
Climbing bamboo (English)
Climbing bell (English)
Climbing bells (English)
Climbing bitterberry (English)
Climbing buddleja (English)
Climbing butterspoon (English)
Climbing fern (English)
Climbing flat-bean (English)
Climbing lily (English)
Climbing nettle (English)
Climbing nightshade (English)
Climbing orange (English)
Climbing raisin (English)
Climbing turkey-berry (English)
Climbing wild apricot (English)
Clinging aneilema (English)
Clothed clusterpear (English)
Cluster bean (English) (Cultivated species)
Cluster-head protea (English)
Cluster-leaf asparagus (English)
Coast coral-tree (English)
Coast false puzzle-bush (English)
Coast sandspur (English)
Coastal Camwood (English)
Coastal corkwood (English)
Coastal hairy guarri (English)
Coastal red-milkwood (English)
Coastal Shakama-plum (English)
Coastal silver-oak (English)
Coastal tannin-bush (English)
Coastal-plain grewia (English)
Coastal-plain raisin (English)
Cobweb seed (English)
Cockspur coral-tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Cockspur orange (English)
Coco yam (English)
Coffee senna (English)
Cold-bark ochna (English)
Commiphora rhus (English)
Common allamanda (English) (Cultivated species)
Common broomrape (English)
Common celtis (English)
Common cluster fig (English)
Common coca tree (English)
Common coral-tree (English)
Common crowfoot (English)
Common crown-berry (English)
Common dorstenia (English)
Common finger grass (English)
Common fireball (English)
Common forest grape (English)
Common forest ochna (English)
Common hook-thorn (English)
Common nine-awned grass (English)
Common pavetta (English)
Common pheasant-berry (English)
Common protea (English)
Common purslane (English)
Common red hot poker (English)
Common reed (English)
Common russet grass (English)
Common screw-pine (English) (Cultivated species)
Common signal grass (English)
Common signal grass (English)
Common sopubia (English)
Common spike-thorn (English)
Common star-creeper (English)
Common sugarbush (English)
Common vlei-lily (English)
Common wild elder (English)
Common wild fig (English)
Common wild jasmin (English)
Common wireweed (English)
Condiment saffron (English)
Confetti tree (English)
Confinalis (English)
Congress grass (English)
Coontail (English)
Cooper's everlasting (English)
Coppery three-awn (English)
Coral clusterpear (English)
Coral creeper (English)
Coral knobwood (English)
Coral tree (English)
Coral-vine (English)
Cork bush (English)
Corky monkey-orange (English)
Cornflower vernonia (English)
Cotton (English)
Cottonwool grass (English)
Couch grass (English)
Couch panicum (English)
Cowpea witchweed (English)
Craibia (English)
Crawcraw vine (English)
Creeping bauhinia (English)
Creeping ludwigia (English)
Creeping starbur (English)
Crimson long-pod albizia (English)
Crimson mistletoe (English)
Crocodile-bark jackal-berry (English)
Cross grass (English)
Cross-berry (English)
Croton (English) (Cultivated species)
Crown of thorns (English)
Crown-fruited fig (English)
Crown-fruited jackal-coffee (English)
Crown-of-gold tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Crystal-bark (English)
Cuban mahogany (English) (Cultivated species)
Cuban royal palm (English) (Cultivated species)
Cucumber-bush (English)
Cudweed (English)
Cup-and-saucer plant (English) (Cultivated species)
Cups-and-saucers (English)
Curled caterpillar-pod (English)
Curled dock (English)
Curry bush (English)
Curry bush (English)

Dandelion (English)
Dark-eyed hibiscus (English)
Dark-leaved saucer-berry (English)
Decan hemp (English)
Delagoa thorn (English)
Demoina weed (English)
Depa-vine (English)
Devil thorn (English)
Devil's eyelashes (English)
Devil's horsewhip (English)
Devil's thorn (English)
Diamond-leaved euclea (English)
Dill (English)
Do-re-mi flower (English)
Dodder (English)
Dogplum (English)
Dogwood (English)
Doll's powderpuff (English)
Dongola hibiscus (English)
Donkey berry (English)
Donkey-berry (English)
Double-litchi (English)
Downy thorn-apple (English)
Dr Kirk's aloe (English)
Dragon-flower (English)
Drooping ironwood (English)
Drumsticks (English)
Duckweed (English)
Duiker-berry (English)
Duiker-berry (English)
Dune Butterspoon (English)
Dune knobwood (English)
Dune soap-berry (English)
Dune sourberry (English)
Dune star-apple (English)
Durban grass (English)
Dutchman's pipe (English)
Dwala aloe (English)
Dwarf aspilia (English)
Dwarf bush-cherry (English)
Dwarf bushcherry (English)
Dwarf cat's whiskers (English)
Dwarf chironia (English)
Dwarf coral-tree (English)
Dwarf crinum (English)
Dwarf custard-apple (English)
Dwarf dwababerry (English)
Dwarf jade plant (English)
Dwarf leatherbean (English)
Dwarf marigold (English)
Dwarf ochna (English)
Dwarf poinsettia (English)
Dwarf red combretum (English)
Dwarf red hibiscus (English)
Dwarf schotia (English)
Dwarf waterberry (English)
Dwarf yellow hibiscus (English)
Dye star-apple (English)
Dzeya (Manica)

Eared bloodwood (English)
Eared buddleja (English)
Eared senna (English)
Eared vernonia (English)
Early blue thunbergia (English)
Earth almond (English)
Easter senna (English)
Eastern blue-bush (English)
Eastern climbing dalbergia (English)
Eastern St Paul's-wort (English)
Ebano africano (Portuguese)
Edging blue lobelia (English)
Edible galingale (English)
Elbow-leaf (English)
Elegant witchweed (English)
Elephant apple (English) (Cultivated species)
Elephant's food (English)
Elephant's ear (English)
Elephant-root (English)
Elm (English)
Empress candle plant (English)
Ericoid hard-leaf (English)
Escarpment brachystegia (English)

Fairy dropseed (English)
Fairy tale fig (English)
False ash (English)
False assegai (English)
False balsa (English)
False bersama (English)
False bird-berry (English)
False bride's-bush (English)
False cape fig (English)
False clusterpear (English)
False combretum (English)
False daisy (English)
False dogwood (English)
False forest ironplum (English)
False foxglove (English)
False lemon-thorn (English)
False lightning-bush (English)
False maidenhair (English)
False marula (English)
False nasturtium (English)
False paperbark thorn (English)
False porcupine bush (English)
False shiny-leaf (English)
False signal grass (English)
False soap-berry (English)
False teeth bush (English)
False turkey-berry (English)
False white ash (English)
False wild medlar (English)
False-fig (English)
False-heather (English)
Famine weed (English)
Fat hen (English)
Feathery love-grass (English)
Fennel (English)
Feretia (English)
Fern arum (English)
Fern-leaf (English)
Fernandoa (English)
Fever tea (English)
Fever tree (English)
Fever-pod (English)
Fever-tree thorn (English)
Feverberry (English)
Feverfew (English)
Few red-fingers (English)
Fibrous dropseed (English)
Fiddle-leaved fig (English) (Cultivated species)
Fiddlewood (English) (Cultivated species)
Field sandbur (English)
Fine sea grass (English)
Finger millet (English) (Cultivated species)
Finger potato (English)
Fire bush (English) (Cultivated species)
Fire bush (English)
Fire lily (English)
Fire-on-the-mountain (English)
Firebeater (English)
Firethorn corkwood (English)
Fishbone cassia (English)
Fishing-net plant (English)
Fishtail sorrel (English)
Fititonga (Sena)
Flaky-bark thorn (English)
Flamboyant (English) (Cultivated species)
Flame lily (English)
Flame thorn (English)
Fleece-fruit (English)
Floating fig (English)
Flood plain acacia (English)
Floodplain Caterpillar-pod (English)
Florida beggar weed (English)
Floss flower (English)
Flower-of-an-hour (English)
Flute willow (English)
Fluted abutilon (English)
Fluted milkwood (English)
Fluted milkwood (English)
Footpath love grass (English)
Forest bead-string (English)
Forest big-leaf (English)
Forest bitterberry (English)
Forest bushwillow (English)
Forest busy-lizzy (English)
Forest climbing acacia (English)
Forest croton (English)
Forest dracaena (English)
Forest elder (English)
Forest false cabbage-tree (English)
Forest false-currant (English)
Forest fever tree (English)
Forest fig (English)
Forest flame-creeper (English)
Forest ironplum (English)
Forest jasmine (English)
Forest knobwood (English)
Forest long-pod Albizia (English)
Forest milkberry (English)
Forest monkey-orange (English)
Forest natal mahogany (English)
Forest newtonia (English)
Forest num-num (English)
Forest nuxia (English)
Forest ordeal tree (English)
Forest peach (English)
Forest poison rope (English)
Forest red-berry (English)
Forest rothmannia (English)
Forest saffron (English)
Forest sandpaper fig (English)
Forest star (English)
Forest stem-fruit (English)
Forest sword-leaf (English)
Forest sycomore fig (English)
Forest toad-tree (English)
Forest tree fern (English)
Forest velvet false-currant (English)
Forest vernonia (English)
Forest waterberry (English)
Forget-me-not tree (English)
Forskahl's everlasting (English)
Fountain tree (English)
Four o'clock flower (English)
Four-leaved bushwillow (English)
Four-winged pteleopsis (English)
Four-winged stink-bushwillow (English)
Foxglove orchid (English)
Foxtail bristle-grass (English)
Foxtail millet (English)
Frangipani (English) (Cultivated species)
Fried-egg flower (English)
Fries grass (English)
Fringe tail (English)
Fringe-leaved cluster-leaf (English)
Fringe-leaved terminalia (English)
Frogfruit (English)
Fuchsia tree (English)
Furry-fruited teclea (English)

Gaika weed (English)
Gallant soldier (English)
Gama (English)
Garden bristle-grass (English)
Garden canna (English) (Cultivated species)
Gay indigofera (English)
Gaza Myrtleberry (English)
Giant cocklebur (English)
Giant crowfoot (English)
Giant devil's fig (English)
Giant diospyros (English)
Giant forest fig (English)
Giant Maize Witchweed (English)
Giant milkweed (English)
Giant potato (English)
Giant raisin (English)
Giant rubber bush (English)
Giant salvia (English)
Giant sensitive plant (English)
Giant spear grass (English)
Giant thatching grass (English)
Giant-leaved fig (English)
Gilston grass (English)
Ginger bush (English)
Globe amaranth (English)
Glossy copalwood (English)
Glossy flat-bean (English)
Glossy forest grape (English)
Glossy guarri (English)
Glossy nightshade (English)
Glossy sourberry (English)
Glossy-leaved corkwood (English)
Goat bitter-apple (English)
Goetze's bitter-apple (English)
Golden bean tree (English)
Golden bell-bean (English)
Golden bristle-grass (English)
Golden chalice vine (English) (Cultivated species)
Golden crownbeard (English)
Golden dewdrop (English)
Golden trumpet (English) (Cultivated species)
Golden-fruit raisin (English)
Goose grass (English)
Goosefoot (English) (Cultivated species)
Gorongosa red-berry (English)
Gorongowe cycad (English)
Governor's plum (English)
Granadilla (English)
Granite garcinia (English)
Granite jackal-berry (English)
Granite mangosteen (English)
Granite-boulder natal fig (English)
Grannyvine (English)
Grape (English) (Cultivated species)
Grape ivy (English)
Grape ivy (English)
Grape strychnos (English)
Grass aloe (English)
Grassland tree fern (English)
Green apple (English)
Green apple (English)
Green flower tree (English)
Green star-flower (English)
Green-leaved wormbush (English)
Green-petalled grewia (English)
Green-petalled raisin (English)
Green-thorn (English)
Green-twig Olax (English)
Green-twigs quar (English)
Grey raisin (English)
Grey teak (English) (Cultivated species)
Grey-bark saucer-berry (English)
Grey-beard grass (English)
Grey-haired acacia (English)
Grey-leaved cordia (English)
Grey-leaved saucer-berry (English)
Grey-leaved wormbush (English)
Ground-nut (English)
Guar (English) (Cultivated species)
Guava (English)
Guava baby (English)
Guinea fowl grass (English)
Guinea grass (English)
Gum grass (English)
Gummy canthium (English)
Gummy gardenia (English)

Hairy acalypha (English)
Hairy balls (English)
Hairy caterpillar-pod (English)
Hairy cola (English)
Hairy dropseed grass (English)
Hairy false puzzle-bush (English)
Hairy heartleaf (English)
Hairy love grass (English)
Hairy manica bride's bush (English)
Hairy rock fig (English)
Hairy sand ash (English)
Hairy tinderwood (English)
Hairy wild lettuce (English)
Hairy-leaved monkey-orange (English)
Hairy-leaved violet-bush (English)
Half-flower (English)
Hand grenade fruit (English)
Hang-leaf pine (English)
Hare's ears (English)
Harebell (English)
Haroni fig (English)
Hat tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Hazel's rock aloe (English)
Heart-leaf ice plant (English)
Heart-leaved Brooms and Brushes (English)
Heart-leaved vine (English)
Heart-seed love-grass (English)
Heath hard-leaf (English)
Heath violet-bush (English)
Hedge caper-bush (English)
Hedgehog-tree (English)
Helicopter grass (English)
Hemp (English)
Herbst's bloodleaf (English) (Cultivated species)
Herringbone grass (English)
Himbondeiro (Sena)
Hippo grass (English)
Hissing tree (English)
Hockey stick tree (English)
Honey locust (English) (Cultivated species)
Honey-scented protea (English)
Honeysuckle tree (English)
Hooded meadow-star (English)
Horn-fruited jute (English)
Horn-of-plenty (English)
Horn-pod tree (English)
Horned thorn (English)
Horse-radish tree (English)
Horsewood (English)
Hottentot's tea (English)
Howman's cliff aloe (English)
Hybrid terminalia (English)

Ibo coffee (English)
Impala lily (English)
Indaba tree (English)
India rubber tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Indian jute (English)
Indian lilac (English) (Cultivated species)
Indian mahogany (English)
Indian mustard (English)
Indian sandbur (English)
Indian shot (English)
Indian snakeweed (English)
Indian-almond (English)
Inhambane coffee (English)
Inhambane Poison-leaf (English)
Ink-berry (English)
Inkberry (English)
Inkberry (English)
Insecticide-root (English)
Iroko (English)
Italian millet (English)
Itch-pod (English)
Ivory carpet (English)
Ivy-grape (English)

Jacaranda (English) (Cultivated species)
Jackal-berry (English)
Jacket plum (English)
Jade plant (English)
Jamaica vervain (English)
Jamaican forget-me-not (English)
Jambolan (English)
Japanese honeysuckle (English) (Cultivated species)
Jasmine pea (English)
Jasmine-gardenia (English)
Jasmine-tree (English)
Jerusalem thorn (English)
Jesse-bush bushwillow (English)
Jimson weed (English)
Jimson weed (English)
Job's tears (English)
Judgement tree (English)
Jujube (English)
Jumping-seed tree (English)
Jungle rice (English)

Kalahari bushwillow (English)
Kalahari cluster-leaf (English)
Kalahari sand quick (English)
Kapok tree (English)
Kassod tree (English)
Kei-apple (English)
Kelly grass (English)
Kenaf (English)
Kenya croton (English)
Kerky-bush (English)
Kew weed (English)
Khaki burrweed (English)
Khaki bush (English)
Khat (English)
Khumba yaa ndzo (Sena)
Kidney-fruit Canthium (English)
Kidney-leaf (English)
Kidneyweed (English)
Kimberley's rock aloe (English)
Kirk's tobacco witchweed (English)
Knob thorn (English)
Knobbly bushwillow (English)
Knobby bridelia (English)
Knysna fern (English)
Koko tree (English)
Kokomo grass (English)
Kooboo-berry (English)
Kopje fig (English)
Koppie butterspoon (English)
Kranz aloe (English)
Kudu-berry (English)
Kudu-berry (English)
Kundanyoka knobwood (English)
Kurrajong (English) (Cultivated species)

Lablab bean (English)
Lace-leaf (English)
Lacebark tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Lady chancellor tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Lady of the night (English) (Cultivated species)
Lady's fingers (English)
Lady's Slipper (English)
Lady's Slipper (English)
Lady's Slipper (English)
Lagoon hibiscus (English)
Lagoon tulip-tree (English)
Lance-leaved waxberry (English)
Lantana (English)
Lantern tree (English)
Large bird-berry (English)
Large fingerleaf (English)
Large forest asparagus (English)
Large forest ipomoea (English)
Large hedgehog-flower (English)
Large hook-berry (English)
Large jujube (English)
Large pink gardenia (English)
Large plume eragrostis (English)
Large red-heart (English)
Large silver grass (English)
Large white bauhinia (English)
Large white petunia (English) (Cultivated species)
Large yellow moraea (English)
Large, or Smooth-fruited lightning-bush (English)
Large-flowered bush-cherry (English)
Large-flowered canna (English) (Cultivated species)
Large-flowered clusterpear (English)
Large-flowered grewia (English)
Large-flowered ochna (English)
Large-flowered sebaea (English)
Large-flowered spike-thorn (English)
Large-flowered white cross-berry (English)
Large-flowered wormbush (English)
Large-fruit coffee-medlar (English)
Large-fruit saucer-berry (English)
Large-fruited bushwillow (English)
Large-fruited climbing combretum (English)
Large-fruited dichapetalum (English)
Large-fruited embelia (English)
Large-fruited fig (English)
Large-fruited jesse-bush combretum (English)
Large-fruited olax (English)
Large-fruited scolopia (English)
Large-fruited sycamore fig (English)
Large-leaved wild pear (English)
Large-leaved acacia (English)
Large-leaved Blue-lips (English)
Large-leaved butterspoon (English)
Large-leaved climbing dalbergia (English)
Large-leaved cola (English)
Large-leaved cordia (English)
Large-leaved curry bush (English)
Large-leaved dalbergia (English)
Large-leaved false-currant (English)
Large-leaved grape ivy (English)
Large-leaved guarri (English)
Large-leaved jackal-berry (English)
Large-leaved knobwood (English)
Large-leaved knuckle-bean (English)
Large-leaved mousewhiskers (English)
Large-leaved Ochna (English)
Large-leaved onionwood (English)
Large-leaved plane (English)
Large-leaved poison rope (English)
Large-leaved rhus (English)
Large-leaved rock fig (English)
Large-leaved saffron (English)
Large-leaved saucer-berry (English)
Large-leaved skunk-bush (English)
Large-leaved star-chestnut (English)
Large-leaved tarenna (English)
Large-leaved wild coffee (English)
Large-seeded millet grass (English)
Late weed (English)
Lavender croton (English)
Lavender tree (English)
Leadwood (English)
Leaf cactus (English)
Leafberry tree (English)
Leatherleaf fern (English)
Lebbeck (English)
Lebombo aloe (English)
Lebombo cluster-leaf (English)
Lebombo cycad (English)
Lebombo euphorbia (English)
Lebombo hibiscus (English)
Lebombo ironwood (English)
Lebombo krantz ash (English)
Lebombo potato-bush (English)
Lebombo wattle (English)
Lehmann's love grass (English)
Lemombo aloe (English)
Lemon (English)
Lemon bush (English)
Lemon wood (English)
Lemon-thorn (English)
Leopard orchid (English)
Lesser candelabra-tree (English)
Lesser honeysuckle tree (English)
Lesser mahobohobo (English)
Lesser millettia (English)
Lesser moth-fruit creeper (English)
Lesser quinine-tree (English)
Limpopo Croton (English)
Limpopo false-nettle (English)
Limpopo jessebush (English)
Linghato (Sena)
Linkhato (Sena)
Lion's ear (English)
Lip fern (English)
Little men in a boat (English)
Live-long (English)
Livingstone potato (English)
LM grass (English)
Long-flowering vernonia (English)
Long-spined maytenus (English)
Long-tail cassia (English)
Loofah (English)
Lower zambezi bride's Bush (English)
Lowveld albizia (English)
Lowveld bead-string (English)
Lowveld false-currant (English)
Lowveld fig (English)
Lowveld milkberry (English)
Lowveld newtonia (English)
Lowveld tree vernonia (English)
Lucky bean creeper (English)
Lucky-bean tree (English)
Lucky-bean tree (English)
Lucky-bean tree (English)
Luke's bitterwood (English)
Lundi star (English)
Lychee (English) (Cultivated species)
Lyrate-leaved fig (English) (Cultivated species)

Macomia coral-tree (English)
Madagascan butterfly bush (English)
Madagascar cycad (English)
Madagascar periwinkle (English)
Madagascar sagewood (English)
Madzimo (Manica)
Maggot killer (English)
Magic guarri (English)
Magic nut (English)
Magic-rope (English)
Mahobohobo (English)
Maidenhair fern (English)
Maize (English)
Makoni tea bush (English)
Malabar spinach (English)
Malagasy cycad (English)
Malapati aloe (English)
Mallotus (English)
Mallow raisin (English)
Mallow-leaved cross-berry (English)
Mandarin's hat (English) (Cultivated species)
Mane-pod (English)
Mango (English)
Mangrove lily (English) (Cultivated species)
Manica beechwood (English)
Manica cycad (English)
Manica daisy (English)
Manica protea (English)
Manica spurred Canthium (English)
Manketti tree (English)
Many red-fingers (English)
Marama bean (English)
Maranthes (English)
Marijuana (English)
Maroon bell-bean (English)
Maroon milkweed (English)
Marsh dissotis (English)
Marula (English)
Marvel-of-Peru (English)
Mascarenhasia (English)
Mashona fire bean (English)
Matchweed (English)
Matobo bitterberry (English)
Matumi (English)
Mauritius thorn (English)
Mauve ginger (English)
Mauve love grass (English)
Mealie crotalaria (English)
Melon-tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Mermaid tree (English)
Mesquite (English)
Mexican Bird of Paradise (English) (Cultivated species)
Mexican clover (English)
Mexican fire plant (English)
Mexican firespike (English) (Cultivated species)
Mexican marigold (English)
Mexican poppy (English)
Mexican sunflower (English)
Mexican sunflower (English)
Mexican thorn (English)
Micaia (Portuguese)
Milk rope (English)
Milk-pear (English)
Milk-rope (English)
Milkweed (English)
Milkweed (English)
Milkwort (English)
Minaret flower (English)
Mingatchene (Sena)
Miniature bells (English)
Miniature wooden-banana (English)
Miombo honeysuckle-tree (English)
Miombo rattlepod (English)
Missasa n'carnado (Sena)
Missassa (Sena)
Mistletoe cactus (English)
Mitzeerie (English)
Mnondo bur-marigold (English)
Mobola plum (English)
Mombasa cycad (English)
Mongongo nut (English)
Monkey bread (English)
Monkey nut (English)
Monkey pod (English)
Monkey rope (English)
Monkey sugarcane (English)
Monkey thorn (English)
Montbretia (English)
Moon flower (English)
Mopane (English)
Mopane grass (English)
Mopane orchid (English)
Mopane paddle-pod (English)
Mopane potato bush (English)
Mopane rhigozum (English)
Mopani (English)
Moringo (English)
Morning-glory (English)
Mottled-bark rock-alder (English)
Mount Selinda linden (English)
Mountain bush aloe (English)
Mountain cedar (English)
Mountain cypress (English)
Mountain fountain-bush (English)
Mountain gonna (English)
Mountain ironwood (English)
Mountain macaranga (English)
Mountain peach (English)
Mountain poplar (English)
Mountain rhychosia (English)
Mountain rock fig (English)
Mountain stock-rose (English)
Mountain strelitzia (English)
Mountain turkey-berry (English)
Mountain wild-quince (English)
Mountain-acacia (English)
Mouse-eared combretum (English)
Mozambique burning bush (English)
Mozambique Carissa (English)
Mozambique coffee (English)
Mozambique honeysuckle-tree (English)
Msasa bur-marigold (English)
Msasa fern (English)
Muanambeu (Sena)
Muanga (Manica)
Mubaratsotsa (Manica)
Mubotabota (Manica)
Mucambira (Sena)
Muchambati (Manica)
Muchati (Manica)
Muchichiri (English)
Mud plantain (English)
Mudzimamuriro (Manica)
Mufindi coffee (English)
Mugunduzhi (Manica)
Mukofi (English)
Mukute-shenje (Manica)
Mukwa (English)
Mulambe (Sena)
Mulanje cycad (English)
Mulberry leaf (English)
Mulberry-leaved trimeria (English)
Mun'ono (Manica)
Munch's cycad (English)
Munch's great chimanimani aloe (English)
Munyere (Manica)
Munyumondutu (Manica)
Mupfura (Manica)
Mustard-tree (English)
Musvoviro (Manica)
Mutamba (Manica)
Mutamba webungu (English)
Mutapahuro (Manica)
Mutonje (Manica)
Mutsamvi (English)
Mutsomo (Manica)
Mutsotsoti (Manica)
Muwonde (Manica)
Myrianthus (English)
Myrobalan (English)

N'angalan'goma (Sena)

n'calague (Sena)

N'calala (Sena)
N'calangua (Sena)
N'cluvu (Sena)

n'cuniti (Sena)

N'dhikhua (Sena)
N'dhowa (Sena)
N'fula (Sena)
N'fuma (Sena)
N'gambu-n'gambu (Sena)
N'ghonamadjziwa (Sena)
N'ghunda (Sena)
N'ghunga (Sena)
N'ghuza (Sena)
N'pundati (Sena)
N'santa (Sena)
N'sao (Sena)
N'sassa (Sena)
N'sevu (Sena)
N'sheni (Sena)
N'sikiri (Sena)
N'socossa (Sena)

n'sossoto (Sena)

N'suinga mamina (Sena)
N'tchatshimu (Sena)
N'tchilussua (Sena)
N'tengulengu (Sena)
N'thassica (Sena)
N'tsao-tsanga (Sena)
N'tsunzwa (Sena)
Nana-berry (English)
Nandi flame (English)
Narrow heart love grass (English)
Narrow lance-pod (English)
Narrow-leaved butterspoon (English)
Narrow-leaved caperbush (English)
Narrow-leaved mahobohobo (English)
Narrow-leaved mustard tree (English)
Narrow-leaved pentanisia (English)
Narrow-plumed dropseed (English)
Narrow-pod elephant root (English)
Narrow-pod elephant-root (English)
Natal cotton plant (English)
Natal crowfoot (English)
Natal drypetes (English)
Natal fig (English)
Natal guarri (English)
Natal mahogany (English)
Natal milk-plum (English)
Natal plane (English)
Natal red-top (English)
Natal rhus (English)
Natal Sour Fig. (English)
Ncalangue-ntherere (Sena)
Ncalassi (Sena)
Ncamunha (Sena)
Ncana-ncana (Sena)
Ncanacana (Sena)
Nchenamadzi (Sena)
Nchevu (Sena)
Nchinanga (Sena)
Ncunghu (Sena)
Ncunkhua (Sena)
Ndico za mabhongue (Sena)
Necklace vine (English)
Needle bush (English)
Needlegrass (English)
New Caledonian pine (English) (Cultivated species)
New Zealand spinach (English)
Nghona-alendo (Sena)
Nghonha (Sena)
Nhacampumba (Sena)
Nhacapumba (Sena)
Nhacareue (Manica)
Nhacasadze (Sena)
Nhacavunguti (Sena)
Nhamalimphanda (Sena)
Nhandema (Sena)
Nhuvuruvu (Sena)
Nile cabbage (English)
Nile ceropegia (English)
Nipple fruit (English) (Cultivated species)
Nnhacaswquece (Sena)
Northern african dog-rose (English)
Northern ammocharis (English)
Northern chinese-hats (English)
Northern coffee-pear (English)
Northern dead-man's tree (English)
Northern dwaba-berry (English)
Northern fluffy-flowered jackal-coffee (English)
Northern forest mangosteen (English)
Northern galla-plum (English)
Northern hard-leaf (English)
Northern Ilala (Lala) palm (English)
Northern large-leaved dragon-tree (English)
Northern mimosa (English)
Northern protea (English)
Northern protea (English)
Northern red-berry (English)
Northern soap-berry (English)
Northern stinkwood (English)
Noxious ragwort (English)
Nsadzi (Sena)
Nsiwi (Sena)
Ntenguene (Sena)
Ntenguere (Sena)
Nthavu ya mphonda (Sena)
Ntsanzayadziua (Sena)
Ntutu (Sena)
Nwhembe (Sena)
Nyakaodzora (Manica)
Nyala berry (English)
Nyanga flat-top (English)
Nyanga hedge plant (English)

Oat grass (English)
Octopus bush (English)
Octopus cabbage tree (English)
Okra (English)
Oldland rattlepod (English)
Oldland rattlepod (English)
Oldwood (English)
Oleander (English) (Cultivated species)
Oleaster bushwillow (English)
Onionwood (English)
Orange bird-berry (English)
Orange tassels (English)
Orange-fruited fingerleaf (English)
Orange-milk tree (English)
Orchid stem-flower (English)
Orchid tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Ordeal tree (English)
Outeniqua yellowwood (English)
Oval green apple (English)
Oval kei-apple (English)
Ox-eye daisy (English)
Oyster nut (English)

Painted Euphorbia (English)
Painted spurge (English)
Pale hedgehog flower (English)
Palma Camwood (English)
Paloverde (English)
Pan crinum (English)
Pan dropseed (English)
Panga-panga (English)
Pangani bitterberry (English)
Papaya (English) (Cultivated species)
Paper plume (English)
Paper thorns (English)
Paperbark acacia (English)
Paperbark albizia (English)
Paperbark corkwood (English)
Papyrus (English)
Paraguay nightshade (English) (Cultivated species)
Parana pine (English) (Cultivated species)
Parasol tree (English)
Parrot-beak gladiolus (English)
Parthenium (English)
Passion fruit (English)
Patula pine (English)
Pau-rosa (English)
Pawnbroker tree (English)
Pawpaw (English) (Cultivated species)
Peacock Flower (English) (Cultivated species)
Peanut (English)
Peanut butter cassia (English)
Pearl millet (English)
Peeling-bark ochna (English)
Peeling-twig Combretum (English)
Pemba tarenna (English)
Pendant-fruited corkwood (English)
Pendent-fruit coffee-medlar (English)
Pepper-bark tree (English)
Pepper-leaved commiphora (English)
Pepper-leaved corkwood (English)
Pepper-seed (English)
Peregrina (English) (Cultivated species)
Persian lilac (English)
Peters' fig (English)
Petrol bush (English)
Physic nut (English)
Pig's ear (English)
Pigeon pea (English)
Pigeonwood (English)
Pignut (English)
Pigweed (English)
Pigweed (English)
Pineapple (English) (Cultivated species)
Pineapple flower (English)
Pineapple-fruit tree (English)
Pinhole grass (English)
Pink bauhinia (English) (Cultivated species)
Pink camel's-foot (English) (Cultivated species)
Pink candle orchid (English)
Pink dombeya (English)
Pink everlasting (English)
Pink flame tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Pink garden sorrel (English)
Pink ground-bells (English)
Pink ivory (English)
Pink jacaranda (English)
Pink joy (English)
Pink pavonia (English)
Pink-fruited monotes (English)
Pink-leaved blechnum (English)
Pink-vine (English)
Pink-wood (English)
Pitanga (English) (Cultivated species)
Pith-tree (English)
Plantain (English) (Cultivated species)
Plowes' grass aloe (English)
Plum fingerleaf (English)
Plum panicum (English)
Plume chloris (English)
Pod mahogany (English)
Poinsettia (English) (Cultivated species)
Pointed bushcherry (English)
Pointed clusterpear (English)
Poison apple (English)
Poison apple (English)
Poison bride's-bush (English)
Poison gooseberry (English)
Poison olive (English)
Poison pavetta (English)
Poison-grub commiphora (English)
Poison-grub corkwood (English)
Poison-pod albizia (English)
Poisonous-berry (English)
Polished star (English)
Polysphaeria (English)
Pomegranate (English) (Cultivated species)
Pompon coffee-medlar (English)
Pompon rytigynia (English)
Poor man's spinach (English)
Poplar-leaved fig (English)
Poppy hibiscus (English)
Porcupine huernia (English)
Porcupine-root (English)
Porridge-stick (English)
Port Jackson willow (English) (Cultivated species)
Portia tree (English)
Potato bush (English)
Potato creeper (English)
Potato vine (English) (Cultivated species)
Potato yam (English)
Powder-bark gardenia (English)
Powder-bark monkey-orange (English)
Powder-puff tree (English)
Praying-hands (English)
Prickle head (English)
Prickly malvastrum (English)
Prickly poppy (English)
Prickly red-berry (English)
Prickly salvia (English)
Prickly sow-thistle (English)
Pride of Barbados (English) (Cultivated species)
Pride of Manicaland (English)
Pride of the Cape (English)
Prince of Wales' feathers (English)
Propeller tree (English)
Prostrate globe-amaranth (English)
Prostrate starbur (English)
Prune fingerleaf (English)
Purple banner (English)
Purple bersama (English)
Purple cluster-pear (English)
Purple hood grass (English)
Purple hook-berry (English)
Purple nutsedge (English)
Purple plume grass (English)
Purple swamp grass (English)
Purple top (English)
Purple top (English)
Purple wreath (English) (Cultivated species)
Purple-leaved albizia (English)
Purple-pod acacia (English)
Purple-pod cluster-leaf (English)
Purple-pod terminalia (English)
Purple-pod thorn (English)
Purple-pod thorn (English)
Purple-wood dalbergia (English)
Puzzle-bush (English)
Pyjama flower (English)
Python vine (English)

Queen's wreath (English) (Cultivated species)
Queensland lacebark (English) (Cultivated species)
Queque (Sena)
Quinine tree (English)

Raffia palm (English)
Rain tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Rain-tree (English)
Rainbow grass (English)
Raisin bush (English)
Raisin-fruit keetia (English)
Rams-horns (English)
Rapoko (English)
Rare forest bridelia (English)
Rare forest fig (English)
Reach-for-the-sky (English) (Cultivated species)
Real fan palm (English)
Real fan palm (English)
Real yellow-wood (English)
Red bauhinia (English)
Red bird-berry (English)
Red bitter apple (English)
Red bitter berry (English)
Red bushwillow (English)
Red cedar (English)
Red currant rhus (English)
Red dropseed (English)
Red frangipani (English) (Cultivated species)
Red grass (English)
Red hook-berry (English)
Red hot poker (English)
Red indigo tree (English)
Red ironwood (English)
Red ivory (English)
Red mahogany (English)
Red milkwood (English)
Red oat grass (English)
Red physic nut (English)
Red rays (English)
Red spike-thorn (English)
Red star-apple (English)
Red stinkwood (English)
Red sunbird-bush (English)
Red sunflower (English)
Red swamp grass (English)
Red thorn (English)
Red trumpets (English)
Red twin-berry (English)
Red vlei grass (English)
Red water fern (English)
Red wings (English)
Red-flowered beechwood (English)
Red-flowered euphorbia (English)
Red-fruit monotes (English)
Red-fruited caper-bush (English)
Red-fruited violet-bush (English)
Red-fruited white-stinkwood (English)
Red-hair bush (English)
Red-hot poker tree (English)
Red-hot-poker tree (English)
Red-leaved medlar (English)
Red-leaved rock fig (English)
Red-lips (English)
Red-striped cucumber (English)
Redwing (English)
Redwings (English)
Redwood (English)
Reed grass (English)
Rescue grass (English)
Resurrection bush (English)
Rhodes grass (English)
Rhodesian redwood (English)
Ribbed paddle-pod (English)
Ribbon bush (English)
Rice grass (English)
Rigid hornwort (English)
Rigid star-berry (English)
Ringworm plant (English)
Ritchiea (English)
River bushwillow (English)
River climbing acacia (English)
River cluster-leaf (English)
River corkwood (English)
River dombeya (English)
River guarri (English)
River macaranga (English)
River nettle (English)
River nuxia (English)
River oak (English) (Cultivated species)
River pumpkin (English)
River rhus (English)
River sandpaper fig (English)
River she-oak (English) (Cultivated species)
River tamarind (English)
River terminalia (English)
River thorn-pear (English)
River-litchi (English)
River-valley rock alder (English)
Riverine flame-creeper (English)
Roadside pimpernel (English)
Rock albizia (English)
Rock rhus (English)
Rock tannin-bush (English)
Rock tree-nettle (English)
Rock white ironwood (English)
Rock-alder (English)
Rope-wood grape (English)
Rosary vine (English)
Rose apple (English)
Rose ginger (English)
Rosebud everlasting (English)
Rosette Cluster-leaf (English)
Rosette-leaved terminalia (English)
Rosy periwinkle (English)
Rough fingerleaf (English)
Rough love grass (English)
Rough-barked flat-top (English)
Rough-fruit bush-cherry (English)
Rough-leaved corkwood (English)
Rough-leaved croton (English)
Rough-leaved shepherds tree (English)
Rough-leaved white-stinkwood (English)
Rough-stemmed morning-glory (English)
Round-fruited red milkwood (English)
Round-leaf sea grass (English)
Round-leaved bloodwood (English)
Round-leaved bloodwood (English)
Round-leaved vine (English)
Rovuma clusterpear (English)
Rovuma white raisin (English)
Royal dissotis (English)
Royal fern (English)
Royal poinciana (English) (Cultivated species)
Rubber bush (English)
Rubber euphorbia (English)
Rubber hedge plant (English)
Rubber plant (English) (Cultivated species)
Rubber vine (English)
Rubber vine (English)
Runde star (English)
Russet bushwillow (English)
Rusty velvet protea (English)
Ruttya (English)

Sabi star (English)
Sacred coral-tree (English)
Saddle-pod (English)
Safsaf willow (English)
Sagewood (English)
Sand apple (English)
Sand apricot-vine (English)
Sand bone-apple (English)
Sand camwood (English)
Sand Canary-berry (English)
Sand false-marula (English)
Sand forest arum (English)
Sand forest craibia (English)
Sand forest poison rope (English)
Sand knobwood (English)
Sand lemon-rope (English)
Sand lily (English)
Sand nightstar (English)
Sand num-num (English)
Sand olive (English)
Sand paddle-pod (English)
Sand plane (English)
Sand potato bush (English)
Sand quick (English)
Sand spiny-gardenia (English)
Sand star-apple (English)
Sand-forest loquat (English)
Sandpaper raisin (English)
Sandpaper saucer-berry (English)
Sandpaper stamperwood (English)
Sandpaper vine (English) (Cultivated species)
Sandveld or Coastal raisin tree (English)
Sandveld tinderwood (English)
Satin squill (English)
Satin-bark corkwood (English)
Sausage tree (English)
Sausage-bean bush-cherry (English)
Save crossandra (English)
Saw-tooth love grass (English)
Saw-weed (English)
Sawtooth (English)
Scaly-bark jackal-coffee (English)
Scarlet milkweed (English)
Scarlet river lily (English)
Scented bells (English)
Scented-thorn (English)
Scotsman's rattle (English)
Scrambled egg (English)
Scrambling dock (English)
Scrambling dutchman's pipe (English)
Screw-pine (English)
Scrub bottle tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Sea hearse (English)
Sea-bean (English)
September bush (English)
September bush (English) (Cultivated species)
Sesame bush (English)
Shakama plum (English)
Shamva grass (English)
Sharp-leaved baboon's tail (English)
Shaving-brush combretum (English)
Sheesham (English) (Cultivated species)
Shell-leaf (English)
Shepherd's tree (English)
Shiny leaf (English)
Shiny-leaved monkey-orange (English)
Shock-headed peter (English)
Shoo-fly (English)
Shore purslane (English)
Short-pod (English)
Showy ochna (English)
Showy plane (English)
Shrubby ludwigia (English)
Siam weed (English)
Siamese cassia (English)
Siamese senna (English)
Sickle bush (English)
Sickle-leaved albizia (English)
Sickle-leaved cymodocea (English)
Silk-cotton tree (English)
Silk-rubber (English)
Silky autumn grass (English)
Silky indigo (English)
Silky-bark (English)
Silky-plum (English)
Silver bushwillow (English)
Silver cluster-leaf (English)
Silver oak (English)
Silver raisin (English)
Silver spike (English)
Silver spinach (English)
Silver terminalia (English)
Silver wattle (English)
Silverheads (English)
Silverleaf (English)
Silverleaf desmodium (English)
Simbi-tree (English)
Simple-leaf chaste-tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Simple-leaved wild grape (English)
Simple-spined num-num (English)
Simple-thorned torchwood (English)
Singapore daisy (English)
Single tail (English)
Single-flowered bride's bush (English)
Single-flowered jackal-coffee (English)
Siratro (English)
Sisal (English)
Sisso (English) (Cultivated species)
Sjambok pod (English)
Skew-leaved Elephant Root (English)
Sky-berry (English)
Slender three-thorned acacia (English)
Small apple-leaf (English)
Small bead-bean (English)
Small bone-apple (English)
Small buffalo grass (English)
Small caterpillar-pod (English)
Small false gardenia (English)
Small false mopane (English)
Small green-thorn (English)
Small herringbone grass (English)
Small honeysuckle-tree (English)
Small jujube (English)
Small knobwood (English)
Small lantana (English)
Small lavender croton (English)
Small leaved knuckle-bean (English)
Small mahogany (English)
Small myrsine (English)
Small natal mahogany (English)
Small pink morning-glory (English)
Small red-heart (English)
Small rolling grass (English)
Small torchwood (English)
Small-flowered canna (English)
Small-flowered kenaf (English)
Small-fruited green raisin (English)
Small-fruited ironwood (English)
Small-fruited olax (English)
Small-fruited potato bush (English)
Small-fruited teclea (English)
Small-fruited toad-tree (English)
Small-fruited voacanga (English)
Small-leaved acacia (English)
Small-leaved bloodwood (English)
Small-leaved bride's bush (English)
Small-leaved cluster-pear (English)
Small-leaved dragon tree (English)
Small-leaved jackal-berry (English)
Small-leaved rock fig (English)
Small-leaved skunkbush (English)
Small-leaved star-chestnut (English)
Small-leaved tricalysia (English)
Small-leaved tulip-tree (English)
Small-leaved yellow-wood (English)
Small-pod sea-bean (English)
Smaller millettia (English)
Smelly shepherds tree (English)
Smelly-berry fingerleaf (English)
Smilax (English)
Smokewood (English)
Smooth Camwood (English)
Smooth senna (English)
Smooth sow-thistle (English)
Smooth-barked flat-crown (English)
Smooth-fruit bush-cherry (English)
Smooth-fruit zanha (English)
Smooth-leaved blue cat's whiskers (English)
Snake apple (English)
Snake bean (English)
Snake climber (English)
Snake lily (English)
Snake lily (English)
Snake-root (English)
Sneezewood (English)
Snot apple (English)
Snot berry (English)
Snowberry tree (English)
Snowflake grass (English)
Snuff box tree (English)
Snuggle-leaf (English)
Soap creeper (English)
Soap nettle (English)
Soccerball fruit (English)
Sodom apple (English)
Sofala Poison-leaf (English)
Soft-leaved commiphora (English)
Soft-leaved donkey-berry (English)
Solitary fishtail palm (English) (Cultivated species)
Sorrel (English)
Sorrel (English)
Sourplum (English)
Sourplum (English)
Soursop (English) (Cultivated species)
Southern chinese-hats (English)
Southern ilala palm (English)
Spanish mahogany (English) (Cultivated species)
Spear grass (English)
Spicy jatropha (English) (Cultivated species)
Spider-wisp (English)
Spiderweb chloris (English)
Spikenard (English)
Spiky love-grass (English)
Spiky mother-in-law's tongue (English)
Spindle pod (English)
Spiny cassinopsis (English)
Spiny climbing dalbergia (English)
Spiny cucumber (English)
Spiny jackal-berry (English)
Spiny macaranga (English)
Spiny monkey-orange (English)
Spiny tree fern (English)
Spiny white-leaved bushwillow (English)
Spiny-gardenia (English)
Spiny-leaved monkey-orange (English)
Splendid Camwood (English)
Splendid thorn (English)
Splinter bean (English)
Spotted signal grass (English)
Spotted-leaved arum lily (English)
Spreading hedge-parsley (English)
Spring posy (English)
Spurred phyllanthus (English)
Spurred potato-bush (English)
Spurred quar (English)
St Paul's Bushwillow (English)
St Vincent lilac (English)
Stain-pod (English)
Stamperwood (English)
Star ipomoea (English)
Star jasmine (English) (Cultivated species)
Star yellow-apple (English)
Star-flowered bitter-tea (English)
Starstalk (English)
Stellar raisin (English)
Stem-flower dwababerry (English)
Stem-fruit (English)
Stem-fruit drypetes (English)
Stem-fruit miraculous-berry (English)
Sticky acacia (English)
Sticky acalypha (English)
Sticky love grass (English)
Sticky pod (English)
Sticky purple cleome (English)
Sticky purple mousewhiskers (English)
Sticky thorn (English)
Sticky-leaved rubia (English)
Stilt-root mahobohobo (English)
Stinging nettle (English)
Stinging nettle (English)
Stinging pavonia (English)
Stink love grass (English)
Stink-ebony (English)
Stink-leaf bride's bush (English)
Stinking roger (English)
Stipe-fruited strychnos (English)
Strawberry bush (English)
Strawberry guava (English) (Cultivated species)
Streblus (English)
String of hearts (English)
Strombosia (English)
Stud plant (English)
Stuhlmann's fig (English)
Stunted plane (English)
Succulent bush senecio (English)
Sulphur-barked fig (English)
Sumach elephant-root (English)
Sundew (English)
Sundew (English)
Sundew (English)
Sundew (English)
Sundew (English)
Sunflower (English)
Sunnhemp (English)
Surinam cherry (English) (Cultivated species)
Swamp couch (English)
Swamp grass (English)
Swamp lily (English) (Cultivated species)
Swamp waterberry (English)
Sweet alison (English) (Cultivated species)
Sweet broomweed (English)
Sweet potato (English)
Sweet prickly-pear (English)
Sweet thorn (English)
Sweet-root corkwood (English)
Swynnerton's aloe (English)
Swynnerton's lightning-bush (English)
Swynnerton's spur flower (English)
Sycomore fig (English)
Sycomore fig (English)
Syringa (English)
Syringa berry (English)

Table grape (English) (Cultivated species)
Tail-less strophanthus (English)
Tall firethorn corkwood (English)
Tall sterculia (English)
Tall white squill (English)
Tallow tree (English)
Tamani berry (English)
Tamarind (English)
Tamboti (English)
Tangle-flowered wild-medlar (English)
Tanglehead (English)
Tar berry (English)
Tarambiya (Manica)
Taro (English)
Tarvine (English)
Tassel berry (English)
Tassel three-awn (English)
Tawny cluster-leaf (English)
Tchidzyambuzi (Sena)
Tea (English)
Ternate lantana (English)
The African yam bean (English)
Thicket bushwillow (English)
Thomson's tree fern (English)
Thorn apple (English)
Thorn apple (English)
Thorn pear (English)
Thorny elm (English)
Thorny mulberry (English)
Thowe (Manica)
Three-finger bush (English)
Three-flower tick-trefoil (English)
Three-forked euphorbia (English)
Three-leaved combretum (English)
Three-thorned acacia (English)
Tick tree (English)
Tickey tree (English)
Tiger-foot morning-glory (English)
Tite grass (English)
Toad plant (English)
Toad-tree (English)
Tobacco (English)
Tobacco tree (English)
Tobacco witchweed (English)
Tomato (English)
Tonga-kierie (English)
Tonic root (English)
Toon tree (English)
Toothed-cone cycad (English)
Torpedo grass (English)
Tough love-grass (English)
Trailing bushwillow (English)
Trailing bushwillow (English)
Transvaal honey bell bush (English)
Transvaal sesame bush (English)
Transvaal sumach (English)
Traveller's joy (English)
Tree entada (English)
Tree fuchsia (English)
Tree grape (English)
Tree heliotrope (English)
Tree nettle (English)
Tree orchid (English)
Tree tobacco (English)
Tree vernonia (English)
Tree wisteria (English)
Trellis-vine (English)
Trellis-vine (English)
Tremble tops (English)
Triangle tops (English)
Triffid weed (English)
Trifoliolate indigofera (English)
Trimble grass (English)
Tripadela (Sena)
Tropical pink gladiolus (English)
Tropical wild-quince (English)
Tropical-almond (English)
Tsombori (English)
Tsombori (English)
Tsueua (Sena)
Tumble grass (English)
Tumbleweed (English)
Tung nut (English) (Cultivated species)
Tung tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Tung-oil tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Turf grass (English)
Turkey tangle (English)
Turkey-berry (English)
Turner's cycad (English)
Turpentine tree (English)
Twin red-berry (English)
Twin-berry tree (English)
Twisted ginger (English)
Two-winged pteleopsis (English)
Two-winged stink-bushwillow (English)

Umbila (Portuguese)
Umbila (Sena)
Umbrella thorn (English)
Umbrella thorn (English)
Umbrella thorn (English)
Undershrub big-leaf (English)
Understorey false-nettle (English)
Upright starbur (English)
Urnfig (English)

Valentine flower (English)
Valley paddle-pod (English)
Variable bushwillow (English)
Variable combretum (English)
Variable stork's-bill (English)
Varnish tree (English) (Cultivated species)
Vegetable mercury (English) (Cultivated species)
Vegetable sponge (English)
Vegetable-ivory palm (English)
Vein-leaved bush-cherry (English)
Velcro plant (English)
Veld fan (English)
Veld lupin (English)
Veld paspalum (English)
Veld violet (English)
Velvet bean (English)
Velvet bushwillow (English)
Velvet paddle-pod (English)
Velvet signal grass (English)
Velvet soldierbush (English)
Velvet sweetberry (English)
Velvet wild medlar (English)
Velvet-fruit onionwood (English)
Velvet-fruit zanha (English)
Velvet-leaf (English)
Velvet-leaved bridelia (English)
Velvet-leaved butterspoon (English)
Velvet-leaved corkwood (English)
Violet tree (English)
Vlei finger grass (English)
Vlei hedgehog-flower (English)
Vlei ink-flower (English)
Vlei plume grass (English)
Vlei spoke grass (English)
Vumba grass (English)

Walking maidenhair fern, or black maidenhair (English)
Wandering jew (English)
Wandering jew (English)
Wart-berry (English)
Warty donkey-berry (English)
Warty grape (English)
Warty star-apple (English)
Water Cabbage (English)
Water chestnut (English)
Water chestnut (English) (Cultivated species)
Water elder (English)
Water fern (English)
Water grass (English)
Water hyacinth (English)
Water ironplum (English)
Water ironplum (English)
Water lettuce (English)
Water melon (English)
Water parsnip (English)
Water pock-ironwood (English)
Water Rose (English)
Water spinach (English)
Waterberry (English)
Watercress (English)
Waterlily (English)
Wax mallow (English) (Cultivated species)
Weeping boer-bean (English)
Weeping bushwillow (English)
Weeping love grass (English)
Weeping schotia (English)
West Indian mahogany (English) (Cultivated species)
Wether love grass (English)
Whipstick loquat (English)
Whipstick quar (English)
Whipstick tree (English)
White angel's trumpet (English) (Cultivated species)
White arum (English) (Cultivated species)
White barberton daisy (English)
White buffalo grass (English)
White candlewood (English)
White cat's whiskers (English)
White goosefoot (English)
White ink flower (English)
White Ironwood (English)
White mahogany (English)
White melilot (English) (Cultivated species)
White milkwood (English)
White pear (English)
White ribbon bush (English)
White seringa (English)
White Spathodea (English)
White spur flower (English)
White stinkwood (English)
White syringa (English)
White thorn (English)
White trumpetbush (English)
White witch-hazel (English)
White's ginger (English)
White-banded ceropegia (English)
White-flowered mexican poppy (English)
White-leaved pigeonwood (English)
White-leaved raisin (English)
Wild banana (English)
Wild basil (English)
Wild citrus (English)
Wild coffee (English)
Wild cotton (English)
Wild cotton (English)
Wild cotton tree (English)
Wild custard-apple (English)
Wild dagga (English)
Wild date palm (English)
Wild frangipani (English)
Wild gardenia (English)
Wild granadilla (English)
Wild grape (English)
Wild grape (English)
Wild grape (English)
Wild grape (English)
Wild iris (English)
Wild jute (English)
Wild laburnum (English)
Wild lettuce (English)
Wild loquat (English)
Wild loquat (English)
Wild lucerne (English)
Wild mandarin (English)
Wild mango (English)
Wild mulberry (English)
Wild olive (English)
Wild peach (English)
Wild pear (English)
Wild pepper (English)
Wild pepper (English)
Wild petunia (English)
Wild plum (English)
Wild poplar (English)
Wild pride-of-India (English)
Wild quince (English)
Wild rice (English)
Wild rubber (English)
Wild sarsaparilla (English)
Wild Sorghum (English)
Wild spinach (English)
Wild squill (English)
Wild stockrose (English)
Wild sunhemp (English)
Wild sunhemp (English)
Wild syringa (English)
Wild tobacco (English)
Wild verbena (English)
Wild white plumbago (English)
Wild willow (English)
Wild yam (English)
Wild's small chimanimani aloe (English)
Willow beechwood (English)
Willow-leaved shepherds tree (English)
Windball (English)
Windflower (English)
Wine grape (English) (Cultivated species)
Wing pod (English)
Wing-leaved wooden pear (English)
Winged bersama (English)
Winged bersama (English)
Winged-seed sesame (English)
Wingless combretum (English)
Winter cassia (English)
Winter cherry (English)
Winter thorn (English)
Winter-flowering senna (English)
Wire grass (English)
Witchweed (English)
Wonderberry (English)
Wooden banana (English)
Wooden pear (English)
Woodland dogplum (English)
Woodland dorstenia (English)
Woodland pendent-medlar (English)
Woodland rothmannia (English)
Woodland rothmannia (English)
Woodland sun daisy (English)
Woodland waterberry (English)
Woodrose (English)
Woolly caper-bush (English)
Woolly saucer-berry (English)
Woolly-pod acacia (English)
Worm-cure albizia (English)
Wormseed (English)

Y-thorned carissa (English)
Y-thorned torchwood (English)
Yellow arum (English)
Yellow barberton daisy (English)
Yellow bauhinia (English)
Yellow beatlebeen (English)
Yellow bristle-grass (English)
Yellow commelina (English)
Yellow evening primrose (English)
Yellow firebush (English)
Yellow fleabane (English)
Yellow gerbera (English)
Yellow ginger (English)
Yellow justicia (English)
Yellow mouse-whiskers (English)
Yellow nut-grass (English)
Yellow nutsedge (English)
Yellow sorrel (English)
Yellow thatching-grass (English)
Yellow-flowered blackjack (English)
Yellow-heads (English)
Yellow-resin gardenia (English)
Yellow-spike thatching grass (English)
Yellowwood bitterberry-rope (English)
Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow (English) (Cultivated species)

Zambezi ash (English)
Zambezi brown-ironwood (English)
Zambezi caterpillar-pod (English)
Zambezi entada (English)
Zambezi false-nettle (English)
Zambezi fig (English)
Zambezi fingerleaf (English)
Zambezi honeysuckle tree (English)
Zambezi jessebush (English)
Zambezi morning-glory (English)
Zambezi splinter-bean (English)
Zambezi tail flower (English)
Zanzibar coffee (English)
Zanzibar copal (English)
Zanzibar jasmine gardenia (English)
Zanzibar raisin (English)
Zebra leaf aloe (English)
Zebra-bark commiphora (English)
Zebrawood (English)
Zig-zag terminalia (English)
Zigzag bush (English)
Zigzag cluster-leaf (English)
Zigzag euphorbia (English)
Zimbabwe creeper (English)
Zimbabwe grass aloe (English)
Zimbabwe hard-pear (English)
Zimbabwe tree aloe (English)
Zingae (Manica)
Zizag caper-bush (English)
Zulu milkberry (English)
Zululand cycad (English)

2286 names found

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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2023). Flora of Mozambique: Utilities: List of species vernacular names.
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